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DUE THURSDAY, 9.18--please review the questions from your peers that you received today. Choose ONE question from each (photocopied) card and jot down your thoughts/notes about ONE question per card. This will be a total of FIVE responses. Keep the responses in simple, jotted notes and not essays or long sentences.
On MONDAY,  9.22, read the "Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes"--annotate it and do the questions on the handout. 
  1. read pages 70-71 in the Outliers from the lines "Over the past decade...He did that religiously, every day." 
  2. Then read the chapter entitled "The Trouble with Geniuses, Part II" (chapter 4). Annotate this reading with some quality notes. Include questions, observations, defined vocabulary, connections, and summarized points. (<--this is how you annotate). Use Post-its and place them in your book for the annotations. 
  3. THEN, answer the questions on the Outliers assignment that you used for "The Roseto Mystery." The questions are still posted below! Respond in a THOUGHTFUL way and not in a rushed "I-did-this-in-two-seconds" type of fashion. 
DUE WEDNESDAY, 9.8--complete the two questions and the narrative about the "Odor of Nostalgia" that is based upon Hemingway's writing. TYPE the "Odor of Nostalgia" narrative that you write, and you can do the other questions by hand. Be prepared to read your narrative in class. In addition, read "The Roseto Mystery" and the reading guide (at the back of the book) to page 8. Please complete #1 (typed) on the provided assignment HERE:  OUTLIERS QUESTIONS
  1. We will have the summer reading assessment in class. Review your study guide for vocabulary and the questions pertaining to the book you selected.
  2. Please review the areas of my School Wires concerning my "About Me" and my "Grading Policies." I will ask you to identify three things that you recall from reading these sections of my School Wires.  
  3. Please bring in the following class supplies by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5:
  • Five subject notebook
  • Pens & pencils
  • Highlighter
  • Post-its (a 3-pack)
  • Box of tissues
  • Small tub antibacterial wipes