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DUE TUESDAY, 5.19--Complete your research paper and be ready to submit it to turnitin.com. You can submit it before, but not after, our class. ALSO, next week is all Road all the time. So bring your book and have notes/ read through page 161 (stop at the top). There will be a reading quiz next week to see if you've kept up with the reading, and a fun project we'll do in class about the book. HERE IS THE RUBRIC FOR THE ESSAY: LITERARY ESSAY RUBRIC
DUE MONDAY, 5.11--Read The Road through page 120 & continue taking your notes concerning passages that are "WOW" and questions. Next week, we will have a small quiz on the reading on Thursday. ALSO over the weekend, finish editing your introduction. Try to use some of the techniques that are featured in the Power Point that I gave to you via email. REMEMBER, WE ARE READING 20 PAGES A NIGHT! I AM GIVING YOU 40 OVER THE WEEKEND! :)
DUE WEDNESDAY, 4.22 (work on this in class today, 4.21): Your proposal concerning The Whalestoe Letters and "The Yellow Wallpaper." Check your email for details and refer to this assignment: WHALESTOE AND YELLOW WALLPAPER PROPOSAL
FYI (it's Friday, 4.17)--

Please email me considering something new & interesting that you considered about TWL today with your group. I’d like the email sometime today or this evening, when the ideas are fresh in your mind. I’m going to put them together for our reference.

Here is an example of a “new/ interesting” idea that I got via email last year. I’m looking for you to write thoughtfully, like this:


Could Pelafina's mental state be because of her mother? My group discussed this interesting point, but I also noticed when Pelafina said, "all I really needed to survive was the voice my own mother never gave me. The one we all need but one I never heard" (68). Could the absence of her mother contribute to her inappropriate love for Johnny? Why she is so mentally unstable?

Why does Pelafina ultimately kill herself at the end of the novel? I can't quite understand it. Is it because she can't take the pain of losing Johnny to adulthood, or was everything just too much for her? I think that Pelafina might be confused with her own state of being as well as Johnny's. Johnny has grown up, and Pelafina cannot control him in any way. The source of her letters are all about her profound love for him; did she kill herself because she is desperately unhappy with Johnny? 

I also find it interesting how Pelafina's physical state is never described in the novel. By not giving her a physical description, I feel as though Pelafina isn't even seen as a human; she is semi-dehumanized. She is just seen as this entity writing Johnny letters, and you can't quite envision it. I want to know why the author never made Pelafina talk about what she looked like. By being able to envision her; it might have an impact of how the story is viewed. 

DUE FRIDAY, 4. 17--Please finish reading Part III of The Whalestoe Letters You DO NOT have to read through the Appendix. Annotate the text as you have done earlier in the story. You will need the annotations as a basis for an essay coming up next week.
DUE MONDAY, APRIL 13TH--Finish reading Part II of The Whalestoe Letters and annotate it as you did for Part I. Remember to cross-reference and check the allusions that are posted on the Linoit site. We will have a quiz about the allusions after we review them in class on April 17th. 
DUE THURSDAY, 4.2--:Please finish reading Part I (and the foreward) of The Whalestoe Letters. ANNOTATE IT WELL because you will be writing a short research-based essay comparing "The Yellow Wallpaper" and The Whalestoe Letters. If your allusion comes up during the reading, please refer to PART 2 of the assignment (see attached below) and continue writing on your original Linoit Post it. You can SHRINK the size of your Linoit post it so that it fits better on the canvas. 
how to make the linoit post it smaller  
DUE MONDAY, 3.27--Please research the allusion you received today that is featured in our upcoming reading The Whalestoe Letters. Here is a link to the assignment that you received via email today: WHALESTOE ALLUSIONS Follow the directions for posting your research and source link on the Linoit.com site. Use the canvas there that is called "THE WHALESTOE LETTERS ALLUSIONS."
Every student has an account on linoit.com--I counted them; everyone has posted there. Please go to the site and log in; then, you will see our class link and the canvases (boards) in there.  You are in our group called "Cuccio's Festive Juniors."
Remember, this is an academic platform. DO NOT tamper with another student's work. Do not use the site for anything other than academic conversation.  
Due FRIDAY, 3.20--Read "The Yellow Wallpaper" and annotate the text thoughtfully (I will be collecting it and assessing your annotations); please include questions, observations, any vocabulary that is unfamiliar, insights, etc. I am looking for evidence of quality interaction with the text.

DUE TUESDAY, 3.16--Festive vocabulary quiz (it should take about 20 minutes???).

Note: I’m cutting off the word “florid” because it is the same meaning as “flamboyant.” So don’t worry about that. I'm also cutting "smooches."

IF by some chance there are other words are closely synonymous, I will accept both words in either sentence. For example:

Cuccio’s ________________ (flamboyant/ florid) attitude doesn’t surprise me.

I would take either one of those words in that sentence.

Don’t forget to read “The Yellow Wallpaper” for Thursday!!

Tomorrow = Quiz; end of film (5 minutes); first presentation (via the Box of Destiny).

Week of 3.9--what is going on!!
Monday, 3.9--The PARCC
Tuesday (maybe Wednesday?)--The Talented Mr. Ripley film & written reaction/response  
Friday--Visual Essay presentations! Prepare your notes for this--the Box of Destiny will decide who is presenting!
Date change: Ripley Post-it Visual Essay project due MONDAY, March 2nd.
For THURSDAY, 2.6--compose a complex, decent thesis statement pertaining to the trend that you tracked in the novel. Begin to organize your Post-its concerning concepts that are related to your topic. We discussed this in class today--consider it like constructing topic sentences about the thesis/ trend. Be ready to show some progress in your work and thinking! 
DUE MONDAY. 2 .23--Complete your reading of Ripley to end the novel. There WILL be small reading assessment on that day so make sure that you are done!  Finish writing down notes concerning your "trend" through the end of the book!
DUE FRIDAY, 3.2--Your Ripley Visual Essay Assignment--here is the assignment attached here: RIPLEY VISUAL ESSAY 
DUE WEDNESDAY, 2.18: Please answer the following questions about Ripley through page 197. Don't wait until the last minute!! This was assigned on 2.12!
Also, please respond to your partner's two questions that are posted on the Linoit group. 
DUE MONDAY. 2 .23--Complete your reading of Ripley to end the novel. There WILL be small reading assessment on that day so make sure that you are done!  Finish writing down notes concerning your "trend" through the end of the book!
DUE FRIDAY, 2.27--Your Ripley Visual Essay Assignment--here is the assignment attached here: RIPLEY VISUAL ESSAY 
 DUE MONDAY--2.9:   Please read chapters 18 and 19 in Ripley. Compose two thoughtful questions for each chapter--something that can indicate your thought about the chapter and not just detail questions (such as "what color are Ripley's pants?"). Try to write questions that would generate a short open-ended response. When you come to class, you should have a total of four questions for the two chapters. ALSO, review the PARCC test tutorial concerning HOW to use the test & its components. The tutorial is here: http://parcc.pearson.com/tutorial/ and click "TestNav8 Tutorial". Thanks and see you Monday! 
DUE WEDNESDAY, 2.4--For HW tonight, please read chapters 16 & 17. It’s not that much reading! Keep your eye on your trend because these chapters become a psychological exploration into how Ripley works and what he thinks. Please use some Post-its in your book to jot some THOUGHTFUL observations about the following lines/ moments:

1.   Tom is removing Freddie’s body from the apartment. He thinks, “But that was the advantage of Europe…Nobody helped anybody, nobody meddled. If this had been America--” What is your impression of this? Is indifference anchored only to Europe? What is Tom noting here?

2.   Review the paragraph that starts with “Freddie was still as limp as a rubber doll.” What is going on with Tom in this section? Why does he refer to Freddie as a pig?

3.   What is “shaming” Tom in the last paragraph of chapter 16? How do you know?

4.   Early in the chapter, Tom thinks, “Everything was fine.” Yet as the chapter unfolds, we know that this isn’t true. What is happening that proves that statement wrong?

5.   The last scene in chapter 17 depicts Tom imagining Dickie “smiling at him” to the point where he was “out of control.” What do you think is going on with him? Why is Dickie suddenly appearing to him at this time in the story?

Put the page #s on your Post-its so that you can use them later on, and if they fall out, you can put them back.


DUE FRIDAY, 2.6--Your creative writing story about #whyI___________ Be sure to write a STORY and not an ESSAY. Here are the documents in case you need them again: RIPLEY THROWDOWN DIRECTIONS  RIPLEY CREATIVE WRITING RUBRIC
DUE WEDNESDAY, 1.28--Read chapters 14 & 15 in the novel; answer the questions concerning the story and about your trend (that you are tracking). Type your responses and don't forget to bring your book home!! RIPLEY QUESTIONS THROUGH CHAPTER 15
DUE FRIDAY, 1.16--Read through chapter 12 and 13 in Ripley. A lot is going to happen! Continue your annotations featuring your notes about your trend and questions that you have about the section! We will be finishing presentations tomorrow!
DUE WEDNESDAY, 1.14--Group presentations about Ripley through chapter 11. Note: Quiz on THURSDAY about the novel--through chapter 11! 


1.  Answer the questions that you got in your email (on Tuesday)! Odd or Even!

2.  Read the novel through chapter 11. Continue to Post-it your notes about the trend that you are tracking. You will need these later.

3.  Using Goodreads, begin a dialogue with your group members concerning the assigned reading. Together, choose ONE developed passage (a passage is not 1-2 lines, but a paragraph or two) that you feel is an important moment to discuss. Anyone in the group can share passages as possible choices for the presentations, but you will all have to agree on one. Begin to brainstorm ideas for interpreting the passage. Also, brainstorm some essential questions that you can bring to class on Thursday. You will have to decide upon the best question to share—it should be a question that is open-ended and provides some room for quality interpretation and thought.

4.  Come to class Thursday with your answered questions and your Goodreads contributions.

Note—you are required to use Goodreads for this activity. If you are having trouble getting into the class, please email me and your group members BEFORE THE LAST MINUTE.


Welcome back! Happy New Year! 
DUE TUESDAY, 1.5 --complete reading the restaurant review about Guy Fieri's eatery. Consider the compelling structure of the rhetorical question format. Using today's list, and the notes I'm attaching for you, indicate which observations concerning the nature of rhetorical questions pertain to this reading. Write down your response IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. Also, provide your own impression of the review. Is it persuasive? Clever? A turn-off?  What is the author's ultimate goal?  Was the writer successful at his goal? Why/ why not? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/14/dining/reviews/restaurant-review-guys-american-kitchen-bar-in-times-square.html?_r=0
DUE FRIDAY, 12.19--Please complete the reading we started today and finish chapter 9 in the novel. As you read, continue to take notes on Post-its that record your thoughts, questions (especially!!) and insights about what is happening and Ripley's personality. If your book is Post-it free, that will be an issue. :/
DUE WEDNESDAY:  Ripley questions; Post-it notes that pertain to a trend you are noticing/ tracking. Read through page 54. Record any questions you have about the story to prepare for class discussion.  
Due THURSDAY, 12.12--please finish the three column journal assignment. You received information in class and via email.  
DUE ON MONDAY, 12.8--please continue working on your peerceptiv reviews, because they are due on TUESDAY, 12.9. This is your only homework assignment through Tuesday.
TOMORROW, 12.4--we will continue working on Peerceptiv together in class. There is NO homework tonight. 
DUE TUESDAY, 12.2--Please review the TEDEd lesson that you viewed today (. Since the video is hosted on YouTube, you’ll have to revisit it at home on a different computer other than the school’s. 

In the right-hand margin of the page is the large word “THINK”—answer the multiple choice and write a THOUGHTFUL response to the short answers, using Prufrock as your “most recent literary text that you’ve studied.” Please respond to all three open-ended questions. I will be able to see your scores, and your writing, so I expect you to do a good job on that.

Also, please upload your Gifted and Talented essay to Peerceptiv (!!!!) because we have to look at that beautiful piece of writing as editors, etc. Let me know if you have a problem uploading your essay into Peerceptiv. Let’s hope it works!

DUE TUESDAY, 11.25--Please review the documents I sent to you today via email, especially the notes on the actual Benchmark essay articles. Come prepared to class with your own notes and articles. Feel free to print out whatever your want. We will be composing the essay in class, and then you will finish the essay on your own before 11:59PM on Wednesday, 11.26. 
DUE FRIDAY, 11.21--Rescheduling the Benchmark! We will do it next week. For FRIDAY--we will finish our group discussion (we have two questions left for discussion); then, we will have a Prufrock quiz. You will need your packet to take the quiz. SO, no Benchmark due on Friday!!!!
1. Review the poem and your notes for tomorrow's quiz! Vocabulary will NOT be on the short quiz assessment,
2. Post the question you are answering (the one you got in your group today!) on the turnitin,com discussion board.
3. Find the question you initially asked (in class, that Ally scribed) on the turnitin,com discussion board and see how it was answered by your peer.
4. Be ready to present your group's overwhelming question to the class for discussion. BUT be ready for our quiz tomorrow! BRING YOUR PACKET!!!!!!!
For MONDAY, 11.17--make sure that you finish reading the articles for the Benchmark assessment, and take some notes for an outline (that you can use for the essay). We will discuss the Prufrock poem on Monday (answering your questions from class) and have a very small quiz about Prufrock on 11.19. Bring your Prufrock packet to class and prep for your Benchmark (essay on Friday)!

Small Prufrock assessment: 11.19

Essay writing (in class): 11.21

ASSIGNMENT FOR WEDNESDAY, 11.12--you've received instructions in your email about working with your Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and answering your questions about the poem. There is also important information about the Benchmark writing assessment that you will have to submit next week. All of the details are in today's email--check it out. 
DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON TUESDAY, 11.4--your success visual journal. You were emailed the rubric and the directions--please check your email for further directions. 
DUE MONDAY, 11.3--please do the following in preparation for our new reading assignment:
  1. Research Dante's Inferno--what is it about? What are key points concerning Dante's work that you need to know? Include five "fascinating facts" that you discover that don't necessarily live on Wikipedia.
  2. There is an inscription at the beginning of the poem. This inscription is an excerpt from The Inferno. Find a translation for it and include the translation in your typed notes concerning what I've just asked you to do in #1 (up there).
  3. The poem we will read has vocabulary you need to know. Define these terms and include the parts of speech.  Instead of writing "sentences" with each vocabulary word, I want you to use the word in a QUESTION. 
  4.  Example: Vocab word = unusual   Question: Why would it be UNUSUAL to see Cuccio jogging on a track and weight lifting after school?
  5. Note: You DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION; you just have to write the question itself and use the vocabulary word in it. 
Here is the vocabulary list: PRUFROCK VOCABULARY
DUE MONDAY, 10.25--Please complete the  Identifying Sentence Errors Practice Quiz #1 in the satonlinecourse.com You can find the quiz by logging in, choosing "Practice Quizzes" and click "Identifying Sentence Errors Practice Quiz #1" --make sure to check "view lesson" for Sentence Errors before you take it! Remember, I can see how long it took you to do it, so don't try to answer the questions in .5 seconds. (Is that even a measure of time? Regardless.)
DUE MONDAY, 10.20--Please finish reading Perfume and complete the questions that are attached to your packet. We will be having a quiz on THURSDAY (not Wednesday) 10.23 that will feature vocabulary and concepts we've discussed about the story. I'm attaching the list of words and definitions that you need to study. You need to also finish annotating the packet! I will collect it at a random time...
DUE FRIDAY, 10.16--Read part II of  Perfume and complete the following assignment: 
--make sure that you keep up with the annotations. I can collect your packet at any time!
--answer these questions and DO A GOOD JOB:
  • how does the author communicate a conflicting sense of beauty and death?
  • explain the significance of fear in this section
  • what is the people's impression of the murderer? which specific descriptions convey a sense of who (or what) the killer is (see page 196-197) 
  • define xenophobia: how does that concept apply to this section?
  • Define (in your packet): allure; marquis, avail, bludgeoned, excommunicate
DUE MONDAY, 10.13--Please read Part I of Perfume and respond to the questions on the sheet attached to the text. Don't forget to do annotations (see: the directions on the question sheet!) 
DUE TUESDAY, 10.7--Please finish dismantling your paragraph and break it into a list of sentences, a response to the three questions on the board, and a newly-edited paragraph.  Three questions on the board = What do you think is fundamentally wrong with this paragraph? What is working that you don’t want to change? What happens to the paragraph when you “put it back” together---how was is improved? Please submit your work by CUTTING/PASTING into the body of an email to me. Thank you!
DUE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2ND--Finish reading the chapter you selected from The Outliers and prepare for class:
  • a thoughtful brainstorm of ideas for your paper;
  • an outline indicating how you want to organize your thoughts;
  • a introductory paragraph (draft) 
DUE WEDNESDAY,  OCTOBER 1--READ THE CHAPTER YOU CHOSE IN CLASS TODAY; you have an essay draft due on Thursday (which has to be a complete draft!). 
  • DUE TUESDAY, 9.30--select a chapter from Outliers for your assessment. Copy of assessment is HERE: OUTLIERS FINAL ASSESSMENT
  • DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 6--finished first draft of assessment (essay)
  • DUE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 TH--Outliers assessment (typed & final copy).  
DUE WEDNESDAY, 9.24 is the completed reading for "A Jamaican Story" for which you need to finish annotations and the questions on the Outliers Questions handout (see link below). 
DUE TUESDAY, 9.23--Please finish any work from today's class pertaining to "A Jamaican Story" in Gladwell's The Outliers. YOU RECEIVED TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT VIA EMAIL.  For tomorrow, you should have completed the reading, vocabulary, and annotations through page 278. Due WEDNESDAY, 9.24 is the completed reading for "A Jamaican Story" for which you need to finish annotations and the questions on the Outliers Questions handout (see link below).
DUE MONDAY,  9.22, read the "Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes"--annotate it and do the questions on the handout. 
DUE THURSDAY, 9.18--please review the questions from your peers that you received today. Choose ONE question from each (photocopied) card and jot down your thoughts/notes about ONE question per card. This will be a total of FIVE responses. Keep the responses in simple, jotted notes and not essays or long sentences.
  1. read pages 70-71 in the Outliers from the lines "Over the past decade...He did that religiously, every day." 
  2. Then read the chapter entitled "The Trouble with Geniuses, Part II" (chapter 4). Annotate this reading with some quality notes. Include questions, observations, defined vocabulary, connections, and summarized points. (<--this is how you annotate). Use Post-its and place them in your book for the annotations. 
  3. THEN, answer the questions on the Outliers assignment that you used for "The Roseto Mystery." The questions are still posted below! Respond in a THOUGHTFUL way and not in a rushed "I-did-this-in-two-seconds" type of fashion. 
DUE WEDNESDAY, 9.8--complete the two questions and the narrative about the "Odor of Nostalgia" that is based upon Hemingway's writing. TYPE the "Odor of Nostalgia" narrative that you write, and you can do the other questions by hand. Be prepared to read your narrative in class. In addition, read "The Roseto Mystery" and the reading guide (at the back of the book) to page 8. Please complete #1 (typed) on the provided assignment HERE:  OUTLIERS QUESTIONS
  1. We will have the summer reading assessment in class. Review your study guide for vocabulary and the questions pertaining to the book you selected.
  2. Please review the areas of my School Wires concerning my "About Me" and my "Grading Policies." I will ask you to identify three things that you recall from reading these sections of my School Wires.  
  3. Please bring in the following class supplies by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5:
  • Five subject notebook
  • Pens & pencils
  • Highlighter
  • Post-its (a 3-pack)
  • Box of tissues
  • Small tub antibacterial wipes