• Student Athletes Commit to Colleges

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/21/2015
     Mr. Denis Nelson, Athletic Director, announced that on May 20, 2015, the following student athletes committed to colleges for next year:
    Gabrielle Denicola, swimming@TCNJ, Rebecca Bronfeld, swimming@Scranton, Aimee Manzelli, lacrosse@Ithaca, Gabrielle Davidson, lacrosse@Rowan, Andrea Antal, volleyball@Rutgers Newark, Marina Reilly, track@Colgate, Krista Gaye Forbes, track@Indiana Tech, Andrew Tummino, track@Monmouth, Dan Nastasi, football@Salve Regina, Ken Klopf, track@TCNJ, Michael Bruno, lacrosse@Centenary, Patrick Centralla, lacrosse@Susquehanna, Rob Klopf, track@TCNJ, Dan Doran, golf@York, Lucas Salerno, baseball@Wilkes, Dylan Edelstein, baseball@Mitchell, Kyle Weber, football@Susquehanna, Willem Glans, track@Ramapo (not pictured) 
    Earlier this year, the following students committed to colleges as well:
    Noreen Byrne, track@Lehigh, Jeana Coppola, basketball@King's, Kayla Rowley lacrosse@West Point, Brigid, lacrosse@West Point. 
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  • Chemistry Olympics Does It Again

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/15/2015
    Congratulations to the Chemistry Olympic Team who won first place overall in the state competition for the fifth year in a row.  What follows are the events and winners:
    Environmental Research, First Place:  Yena Shin and Kevin Wilson
    Info Search and Molecule, First Place:  Kristen Vogt and Yena Shin
    Freezing Point Depression Lab, First Place:  Kristen Vogt and Jen Stern
    The Team:  Matt Appell, Joon Seo, Jennifer Stern, Kristen Vogt, Ed Yoon, Matt Palathingal, Yena Shin, Yuval Timen, Kevin Wilson, Jordyn Rocca, Dylan DeBaun.  Adviser:  Ms. Carrie Jacobus 
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  • An Intel Winner

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/15/2015
    Congratulations to Charlie Lee who received a third place award for animal sciences at the Intel Competition in Pittsburgh this past week.  Charlie is a student in the Science Research class taught by Dr. Chin Chu.
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  • History Comes Alive

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/14/2015
     On May 14th, Ms. Lauterhahn, Ms. Rivas and Mr. Winchell took their students to visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt museum/mansion in Hyde Park, NY. Everyone learned a lot and enjoyed visiting such a historic site.roosevelt  
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  • Poetry Contest Winner

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/13/2015
    Congratulations to Sofia Pozansky who won second place for the poem that she wrote and entered into The Siegelbaum Competition.  Winners were honored at an award reception on May 12th at Rockland Community College.  Sofia's teacher is Ms. Lindsay Silverman.
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  • Music in The News

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/6/2015
    The following students have been accepted into the 2015-2016 New Jersey Music Educators Association All State Chorus Ensemble and will be performing in Atlantic City and the NJPAC in November and February:
    Mixed Chorus:  JoAnn Jung, Nooree Choi, Mark Edelstein, Elliott Tang
    Women's Chorus:  Susan Kang and Irene Yoon
    Their teacher is Ms. Kathy Zintel
    Congratulations are also in order for Justin Lazaro who was accepted into the New Jersey Association of Jazz Educators Jazz Ensemble.  Justin plays tenor saxophone and will be performing with the All State Jazz Ensemble at the NJEA Teachers' Convention in Atlantic City next November.  His teacher is Mr. Mike O'Reilly. 
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  • The Power of SKYPE

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/6/2015
     Ms. Dawn Rivas has been using SKYPE in her classroom to provide students with experiences unavailable to them.  Pictured here is the visit with a World War II Navy Pilot who lives in Illinois.  He was able to share his experiences, his thoughts and opinions and how they were relevant to today's world.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see River Dell students gathered in the library engaged in a question and answer session with him.
    Her students have also "visited" the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.  Using SKYPE in the classroom allows students to connect through interactive and dynamic field trips without leaving their seats.  They were also engaged in a webinar on the Holocaust and had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the educational director of a museum devoted to Holocaust studies. 
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  • The Chemagination Competition

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/6/2015
    Chemagination is a competition that combines writing, science and creativity.  Recently, several students competed and the results are outstanding:
    Christian Skroce and Yuvel Timen won First Place for the environment category and KellyCheung, Mary Ham, and Mona Moshet won First Place in the new material category.
    Congratulations to these students and the Science Olympiad Adviser, Ms. Carrie Jacobus. 
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  • Spotlight on Photography

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/6/2015
    The following students had their photos selected and send to the National Photographic Society of America where they will be entered in a contest.  Their work was submitted by the Ocean County Camera Club:
    Mackenzie Drummond, Patrick Carney, Mary Kate Brodersen, Charles Young, Sarah DiPirro, Kyra Mackesy.  Their teacher is Ms. Gale Sasson.
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  • We're Number One

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 4/23/2015
    Congratulations to Joon Seo and Charlie Lee for winning the Bergen County Debate League Championship last Friday.  The invitational tournament involved the very best teams from each of the sixteen league schools and just participating is a tremendous achievement.  After placing in the top two teams following four rounds of competition, Joon and Charlie debated a final round in front of a large audience of debaters, judges and coaches.  Despite being on the more difficult negative side of the match, Joon and Charlie scored a decisive victory and brought the first place trophy back to River Dell.  Their coach is Ms. Rachel Geschwind.
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