• Forensic Science Students and the BCI

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 10/5/2015


    On Friday, October 2nd, Detective Ryan Magnotta of the Bergen County Bureau of Criminal Investigation, (BCI) a division of the Sheriff’s office, was guest speaker at River Dell High to the 120 Forensic science students. The students have been studying crime scene management, evidence collection and classification. Detective Magnotta shared with the group a case from 2006, called “Too Fat to Kill” according to Dateline NBC, the network that aired the case of the murder of Pharmaceutical Executive, Paul Duncsak of Ramsey, NJ.

    The case background exemplified how detectives collect evidence and consider witnesses to interview and interrogate. Evidence ranged from ballistics and firearms to fingerprints, locked doors ‘picked’, license plate recognition technology and phone records that coincided with witness statements. The case was concluded and the victim’s father in law, Ed Ates, was convicted of first degree murder.

    The presentation concluded with an eager question and answer session. Thanks to Detective Magnotta for bringing authenticity into the forensic classroom. Ms. Joanne Pawlowski is the teacher of this subject.



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  • Salute to Champions

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 9/25/2015

    The Bergen County Division on Disability Services has selected four River Dell students to receive an award at their Annual Salute to Champions Breakfast on October 23, 2015.  The honorees are:

    Robert Klopf (class of 2015)

    Colin Daly (Class of 2016)

    Will Daly (Class of 2016)

    Patrick Robertson (Class of 2016)

    The boys were the focus of an article that appeared in the Bergen Record last October and River Dell is very proud of these young men.


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  • The Cyberhawks are Here

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 9/25/2015


    Two River Dell teams participated in the CSAW CTF 2015 Online Qualification Round from September 18th to the 20th.  This event is a premier cyber security competition and the students pictured above (Alexander Chu, Michael Vasile, Gregory Sarafian, Michael Boyle, Marion Whitney, and Samatha Lorenzo) spent a great deal of time preparing for this event.  They started training for the competition last June and met over the summer in the public library.  Their efforts have paid off since they achieved a ranking of 20th and 21st place out of 240 high school teams.  Their adviser is Dr. Chin Chu.

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  • Our Commended Scholars

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 9/22/2015

    We are proud to announce that the following seniors have been named Commended Scholars in the 2016 National Merit Program:


    These students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2016 competition by taking the 2014 PSAT.

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  • Our West Point Cadets

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 9/3/2015

    west point

    Brigid Tracy, Ed Yoon, and Kayla Rowley, Class of 2015 are ready to start classes at West Point.

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  • Art Students Honored

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 6/23/2015
    The work of four AP Photography students was selected by the Photographic Society of America to be exhibited at the PSA Annual Conference to be held in Yellowstone National Park, September 27th to October 3rd.  The students are:
    Sarah DiPirro-"Skin & Bones"
    Mackenzie Drummond-"Innocence" 
    Kyra Mackesy-"City Blocked"
    Charles Young-"Buzz" 
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  • An Evening of Culture and Fun

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 6/23/2015
     On Friday, May 29th, several students of French went to New York City after school with their teacher, Ms. Barbara Broomall, for an evening of culture and fun.  First stop was the MOMA for some post-impressionist art, and then a quick walk to the bistro, "La Bonne Soupe."  Escargots, a first for many, made for a memorable first course and a good time was had by all.French trip  
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  • Student Athletes Commit to Colleges

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/21/2015
     Mr. Denis Nelson, Athletic Director, announced that on May 20, 2015, the following student athletes committed to colleges for next year:
    Gabrielle Denicola, swimming@TCNJ, Rebecca Bronfeld, swimming@Scranton, Aimee Manzelli, lacrosse@Ithaca, Gabrielle Davidson, lacrosse@Rowan, Andrea Antal, volleyball@Rutgers Newark, Marina Reilly, track@Colgate, Krista Gaye Forbes, track@Indiana Tech, Andrew Tummino, track@Monmouth, Dan Nastasi, football@Salve Regina, Ken Klopf, track@TCNJ, Michael Bruno, lacrosse@Centenary, Patrick Centralla, lacrosse@Susquehanna, Rob Klopf, track@TCNJ, Dan Doran, golf@York, Lucas Salerno, baseball@Wilkes, Dylan Edelstein, baseball@Mitchell, Kyle Weber, football@Susquehanna, Willem Glans, track@Ramapo (not pictured) 
    Earlier this year, the following students committed to colleges as well:
    Noreen Byrne, track@Lehigh, Jeana Coppola, basketball@King's, Kayla Rowley lacrosse@West Point, Brigid, lacrosse@West Point. 
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  • Chemistry Olympics Does It Again

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/15/2015
    Congratulations to the Chemistry Olympic Team who won first place overall in the state competition for the fifth year in a row.  What follows are the events and winners:
    Environmental Research, First Place:  Yena Shin and Kevin Wilson
    Info Search and Molecule, First Place:  Kristen Vogt and Yena Shin
    Freezing Point Depression Lab, First Place:  Kristen Vogt and Jen Stern
    The Team:  Matt Appell, Joon Seo, Jennifer Stern, Kristen Vogt, Ed Yoon, Matt Palathingal, Yena Shin, Yuval Timen, Kevin Wilson, Jordyn Rocca, Dylan DeBaun.  Adviser:  Ms. Carrie Jacobus 
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  • An Intel Winner

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks at 5/15/2015
    Congratulations to Charlie Lee who received a third place award for animal sciences at the Intel Competition in Pittsburgh this past week.  Charlie is a student in the Science Research class taught by Dr. Chin Chu.
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