Celebrate YA Books
by Going to the Movies!
book to movie                                                 
Wow! There is a Young Adult book craze going on in Hollywood. Just look at all the movies already out or coming soon that started as teen books. You read it. Now you can watch it.
What an exciting year for YA books-to-movies. Here's hoping the movies are as good as their books! 

Click on the images below to read book reviews and view movie trailers
 sold  sold movie  
 FIOS   June 6, 2014
  fios movie   
giver   August 15, 2014    The Giver
if i stay   August 22, 2014    if i stay movie    
maze runner    September 19, 2014   maze runner movie    
Mockinjay    November 21, 2014   mockingjay movie    
Paper Towns hardcover    June 5, 2015   paper towns paperback  
 Fallen   2015   Fallen movie poster   
 5th Wave    January 29, 2016  5th Wave movie   
 Fantastic Beasts   November 18,  2016    Fantastic Beasts movie  

divergent       divergent movie  
enders game
   November 1, 2013   enders game movie
book thief   November 8, 2013
  book thief movie  
catching fire    November 22, 2013   catching fire movie  
Vampire Academy    February 14, 2014   poster