• District Administration


    To contact an administrator, please use the following format:


    Director of Special Services
    James Cooney
    (201) 599-7219
    James Cooney
    Director of Athletics
    Denis Nelson
    (201) 599-7212
    Director of Technology 
    Marianthe Williams
    (201) 599-7216
    Image of Anthy WIlliams
    Tiffany Correa
    Supervisor of Professional Development
    and Special Projects
    Supervisor of Mathematics
    Jennifer Ali
    (201) 599-7274 
    Supervisor of English and Social Studies
    Dr. Lisa Torres
    (201) 599-7252 
    Lisa Torres
    High School Administration  
    High School Principal
    Brian Pepe 
    (201) 599-7238
    Brian Pepe
    High School Assistant Principal/Supervisor of Guidance
    Jeffrey Principe
    (201) 599-7239

    High School Assistant Principal
    Brandon Flanagan
    (201) 599-7277

    Brandon Flanagan
    Middle School Administration  
    Middle School Principal
    Richard Freedman  
    (201) 599-7288
    Middle School Assistant Principal
    John Jasinski
    (201) 599-7285
    John Jasinski