Creative Writing with Mrs. Silverman! 

    This course will provide students with the fundamentals of dynamic creative writing, both as a way to learn artful storytelling through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and to develop specific stylistic skills for general and professional discourse. These objectives will be accomplished through in-class writing exercises, close study of innovative contemporary writers, and detailed discussion of participant work. Peer evaluation will allow the writer to understand how an audience reacts to a piece of their writing, a sounding board not normally available to writers. Likewise, students will become stronger assessors of their own writing in creative and professional contexts.



    • Read, understand and appreciate literary texts.
    • Develop skills in literary analysis, including comprehension of the narrative fundamentals of character, point of view, theme and action (plot).
    • Gain an appreciation of different literary styles, voices and approaches.
    • Develop an appreciation of the short story form.
    • Develop sensitivity to language.
    • Develop the ability to effectively critique your own writing.
    • Understand the importance of the revision process.
    • Create a professional-quality portfolio of creative writing.
    • Demonstrate the ability to perform (share creative piece out loud) effectively.
    Course Overview (The units):
    1. Writing from one's own life
    2. Using your imagination (playing with genres)
    3. Poetry