Virtual Expectations


    While learning in the virtual world is new for many of us, the classroom is not. Think of the virtual classroom as you do the traditional classroom and conduct yourself accordingly:


    • Behavioral standards, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, are in effect and will be enforced through coordination with administration. For example, lateness, inconsistent attendance, general mischief, plagiarism and disrespect will have consequences.
    • You are expected to be visible on camera when utilizing Microsoft TEAMS
    • Your failure to acknowledge random questioning during a class session can qualify as a CUT and will be addressed accordingly.
    • Grades will be reflective of demonstrated levels of cooperation, productivity and content mastery.
    • Grades will be earned based on attainment of documented performance standards on a variety of assessments.
    Classroom Expectations

     General Expectations for Writers:

    ***You’re a writer now. Take yourself seriously.

    ***Immerse yourself in the experience. Creative writing is not a body of knowledge to be memorized—it is something to be lived.

    ***Gain a deeper understanding of how to read literature. If you can understand how a poem or story works—how it creates characters, for instance—then it’s more likely that you’ll create a successful one of your own.  And the opposite is true: If you can create a story or poem, then you will understand other authors’ narratives more fully.

    ***Attempt to communicate your vision of the world. Creative writing is not just about expressing yourself—it’s about sharing your vision with an intelligent audience. As poet Michael Dennis Browne would tell you - writing isn’t about having an emotion. It’s about giving that emotion to the reader.

    ***Recognize that poems, stories, and essays can be made better. Great stories are not (often) created in a single sitting. Or two. Or three. Or...more…

    More Specific Expectations for Students:
    ***You are expected to keep up with all due dates on school wires.  Check it regularly.  I cannot help you if you come to class saying, "That was due today?  I don't check school wires. Why didn't you remind me in class yesterday?"
    ***You are expected to turn your work in on time.  I do not accept late work.  I take deadlines seriously.
             *If you were absent when a small homework task was handed out, it is your responsibility to see me to receive the work.  It will be due on the next day.
             *If you were absent when a big task is due (an assignment we've been working on for a few weeks), you must hand it in when you return to school.
    ***You are expected to keep all your work saved on a USB.  If/When your computer crashes, we are not allowed to accept computer excuses. 
    ***You are expected to act appropriately in the classroom.  Do not: Throw things; Eat food; Put your feet on the desk; Walk around; Yell to your friend across the classroom; etc.  You know how to act by now! :)
    ***You are expected to know the school's plagiarism policy, which can be found in the school's handbook.  Plagiarism is very serious.  Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and the vice principal/principal will be notified.
    ***You are expected to know the school's bullying policy, which can be found in the school's handbook.  Bullying is very serious and can scar those involved for years to come.  If you don't like someone, then stay away from him/her.  There is no need to "add fuel to the fire."  Furthermore, if someone is bothering you, please tell a teacher.  Your complaint will be taken seriously and the individual bothering you will be spoken with.  If a bully continues to abuse those in his/her path, then he/she could face legal action. 
    *You are expected to read emails from me - please do not see my name and immediately hit DELETE.  My email probably contains a graded assignment. 
    ***You are expected to get involved in class discussions and classroom tasks.  You don't want to listen to me talk for 56 minutes; that's just boring! :(
    ***You are expected to make mistakes and errors...I do it all the time!  That's how we grow to be better people! :) 
    This class goes by the points system. Each assignment will be worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the marking period, your grade will be determined by how many points you earned and the amount of points available for the marking period.

    *Example: A marking period had assignments that added up to 950 points, and you earned 820 of those points. Then, your grade would be an 84.
    PLEASE NOTE: Because this course consists primarily of creative work, emphasis will be on completion and more importantly, improvement of work. Since your grade in this course is not derived from your performance on tests and essays but is more holistically determined from your work & progress over the semester, this course demands self-motivation.
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a writing course.  That means all assignments are considered writing and will be put into Genesis as WRITING.