• I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and/or plagiarism in World Civilizations & AP Government & Politics
    YOU are responsible for knowing the following information and implementing it in your academic routine.  Questions?  Come see me. 
    What is Plagiarism?  Power Point Courtesy of Ms. Connolly 


    Handbook on "Cheating and Plagiarism" see page 13.
    (See below)


    Cheating and acts of plagiarism are unacceptable forms of student behavior and constitute serious ethical infraction. Please refer to the Student Style Guide for a definition of plagiarism. This is Board of Education Policy for acts of cheating/plagiarism.

    1. Any act of cheating or plagiarism shall be reported to the principal by the teacher and/or supervisor. The principal or designee will investigate the matter, and if the student is found guilty, he or she shall be given a zero for the test, paper or project.

    The principal or designee shall notify the parent or guardian of the student, immediately, in writing, of the disposition of the matter, and a copy of the letter will be placed in the student's Guidance Folder. The principal shall keep a record of all such incidents in his office files as well.

    2. Should the student commit another such act, the student shall not receive the assigned credits for the particular course in which the second such act shall have been committed and shall be placed on a non-credit status. The student's permanent record shall indicate no credit for that particular course. The principal has the discretion to decide whether or not the student may remain in that course on a non-credit status.

    Before a student may be denied credit for a course, the student and his or her parents or guardian shall be given written notice that such action is under consideration and the reason therefore, and the student shall be given an informal hearing before the principal

    1. which he may rebut the evidence or plead mitigation and present witnesses in his or her behalf.
    2. the circumstances warrant, and if he/she deems it appropriate, the principal may also refer the student to the Child Study Team for evaluation and may take such further action at his or her discretion

    Subject to due process. (River Dell Board Policy File Code 5131)


    Assignments are due on the date given by the classroom teacher. Failure to turn in assignments may result in a zero. Students with recorded cuts/truancies will receive a zero for that day‘s missed work/no make up.

    Excellent information regarding cheating, plagiarism and collusion adapted from Muhlenberg College's Academic Integrity Code:

    1.            CHEATING(Includes but is not limited to examinations, quizzes, assignments, projects) -Any attempt to (1) look at another student's work, (2) communicate with another student verbally, by signal, or in any other manner any information concerning the content of the work, (3) use any unauthorized materials, such as notes,books, laptop computers, cellular phones, or other programmable electronic devices or sources, not specifically designated by the teacher of the course for student use during the examination period, or (4) engage in any other activity for the purpose of seeking aid not authorized by the teacher.


    2.            PLAGIARISM– Intentional or unintentional copying from a book, article, notebook, or other paper or electronic source material whether published or unpublished, without giving proper credit through the standard use of quotation marks, footnotes, and other customary means of identifying sources, or passing off as one's own the ideas, words, writings, and experiments of another. Plagiarism shall also include submitting without the consent of the teacher an assignment already tendered for academic credit in another class or course.

    3.            COLLUSION– Working together in preparing separate assignments in ways not authorized by the teacher. Academic work produced through a cooperative effort of two or more students is permissible only upon the explicit consent of the teacher. The collaboration must also be acknowledged in stating the authorship of the report.