Mrs. Bollinger’s Classroom Supplies and Procedures






    1.     3 ring 1.5 in./2 in. binder


    2.  reinforced loose-leaf paper


    3.    pencils (at least 2 brought to class each day)


    4.    highlighters (at least 2 different colors)


    5.  scientific calculator (example:  TI-30XIIS)


    6.  dry erase markers (at least 2 brought to class each day)


    7.  ear buds/headphones



    1. Your Math binder and One Note Notebook are expected to be organized and up-to-date. 
    1. Each student is responsible to be a cooperative/contributing group member.  Every student must write down all the group work.  Characteristics of a good group member include:  sharing ideas, communicating, listening, dividing responsibilities, and supporting each other. 
    1. Homework is expected every night.  Homework will be checked for completion.    When we go over the homework answers in class, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she writes down the correct answers. 
    • Extra Credit is not offered in 8th Grade Math.  It is your responsibility to work to the best of your ability throughout each marking period.

    • When you are absent, you MUST make sure to get notes from a classmate.  You are responsible for ALL classwork and homework that you miss.  You can get the homework assignments from my Schoolwires website and One Note.

    • School rules are in effect at all times.  My Discipline Policy outlines the appropriate consequences for failing to abide by these rules.

    • Discipline Policy
      My goal is to foster a learning environment for all of my students.  If a student chooses to disrupt that environment by misbehaving or failing to abide by any of the school’s rules, then he/she is agreeing to accept the following consequences: 

      1st: Verbal Warning

      2nd: Teacher Detention

      3rd: Communication with Parents/Guardians

      4th: Action will be determined by the Principal or Assistant Principal

    • IXL assignments are given throughout the year to aid in the understanding of the course.  The topics are done in class, and at home.


    Grading Policy

    Grades are calculated using a "total point" system. Homework is checked for completeness. All work must be shown to be considered complete.   Assessments will be given periodically and points will vary depending on the content. At the end of each unit, there will be a unit test. 


    To calculate your average, you find the sum of earned points and the sum of possible points. You would then divide your total earned points by total possible points.