Grading policy:

    Homework/classwork/class participation is 20% of your grade. Make sure to come prepared on the days you have class. If you follow the class rules, participate, and complete all homework, you will earn an A in this category.

    Quizzes/tests/projects are 80% of your grade. Quizzes will be given weekly and Chapter tests will be given approximately every four weeks or once the unit is completed. Projects will be assigned every marking period.



    Classroom Expectations


    ¡Bienvenidos a mi clase!  I look forward to working with you this year!   Below, please find all of the classroom expectations and procedures. 


    • Have all appropriate materials on your desk and be seated when the bell rings.
    • Respect other people, equipment and school furnishings.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Observe all the rules in the school handbook.   


    In addition to the four things listed above, I will also ask you to adhere to the following school policies:


    Virtual Learning

    1. Masks must be worn at all times during in-person instruction. 
    2. Cameras must be on during class for "remote learning." Failure to appear on camera at any point in class will result in a "Cut."

    In class instruction

    1. Remain in your seat unless directed to do otherwise. Maintain social distance protocols (leaving 6 feet of space between you and others) at all times. 
    2. Please have your class materials with you at the start of class. You will not be permitted to leave the room without signing out.
    3. Sign in and out according to school policy. If you forget to sign in, I am not responsible for inaccuracies to your attendance record. 

    Classroom rules (virtual or in-person) for Spanish 1 only:

    1. Listen with the intent to understand.
    2. One person speaks, and the others listen.
    3. Support the flow of conversation.
    4. Do your 50%.
    5. Actors and artists- synchronize your actions with my words.
    6. Nothing on desks unless told otherwise.


    If you choose not to do the above things, this is what will happen:


    -First instance: Reminder.

    -Second instance: 15 minute detention with me at my convenience.

    -Additional instances: School detentions through the main office.

    -Persistent disregard for classroom rules will result in administrative detentions and calls to parents.




    1. Textbook (in One Note)
    2. Workbook (in class)
    3. 3-ring binder with paper
    4. Laptop
    5. Pens and Pencils


    You are responsible for the classwork that I hand to you in class throughout the year.  Finally, I suggest that you keep all handouts organized in a binder or separate folder.  There are many times that we will not work from the book so it will necessary to keep what I distribute to you.  


    Plagiarism / Cheating


    Copying someone else's homework is cheating. Discussing what is on a test or a quiz with someone who has not taken it is form of cheating that will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating in any way, you will receive a 0 for this assignment and will not be permitted to make up the work.  Using any type of translator for any assignment will be considered cheating due to the nature of this course.  You will also be turned in to the office for further disciplinary action.



    If a student is absent, any work due on the day absent will be due the first day back from school. If a student is aware that they will be absent for several days, advance notice should be given to the instructor so as to prepare for any assignments to be completed while absent. Always check the class website to see what work is due. Students are responsible for completing work while they are absent from school.


    My e-mail is Kevin.Reilly@riverdell.org Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or to set up a time for extra help (please afford me 24 hours advance notice to set up a time for extra help).