• Khan Academy for SAT Prep

    Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board to provide SAT Prep - for free!  Below are the steps to start your free SAT Prep now:

    Step 1

    Log in or create a Khan Academy account.

    Step 2

    When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy
    and College Board accounts. You will then be directed to collegeboard.org.

    Step 3

    Sign in or create a College Board account.

    Step 4

    When prompted, hit “Send” to authorize the account linking.

    Step 5

    Start practicing on Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy!


    You now have the following available to you:
    • Full Length Practice Tests
    • Math Quizzes
    • Reading & Writing Quizzes
    • Tips & Planning (videos & explanations)
    • Content / Skill Videos
    • Content / Skill practice problems
    Enjoy this free resource in your preparation for the SAT!