Science National Honor Society
    President: Spencer Abssy
    Vice President:  Charlie Kim
    Secretary:  Steven Gu
    Treasurer:  Micah Yu
    *** Tutoring is available DAILY: Before school (7:30 am) and Lunch 
    Where: Room 308
    Stay up to date with what is happening in Chemistry !!
    Websites to be checked before you come to tutor
    Dr Chu: https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/70 
    Mrs Dunn:  https://www.riverdell.org/Page/1789
    Mrs. Ceppaglia:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/117
    Dr. Brandoni:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/69
    Mr. Pohling:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/307
    Mrs. Carcich:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/126
    Mr. Drywa:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/331
    Dr. Houston:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/83
    Dr. McNamara:  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/355 
    Ms. Warner  https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/356
    Meetings: First Friday of the Month

    SNHS 2019-2020


    First meeting 9/6/2019

    Sign in:  Steve QR codes- scan and log into email with phone. 

    5$  fee

    How to encourage kids to come for extra help. Talk to classes. Rivas mental health ask if work together.

    Posters for classrooms.

    Discuss tutoring and survey monkey  

              Penalties for no show

    Bake/Pizza Sales- responsibility how to do and will put you into a time slot (3 people selling candy and    pizza and 2 people share 1 dozen donuts) 

              This year we are going to add 2 people bringing something else besides donuts.


    ATTENDANCE: CHECK email for QR CODES with your phone…. If no phone find Steven Gu

     DUES: $5 to Micah

     Tutoring: check email

     Bake Sale: function and structure



    Importance of showing up to tutoring and how to prepare for the session

    Importance of completing selling/donating for money scholarship



    SNHS  Yearbook Picture

    Tutoring and subbing and watch the rotation- Need to show up