• The Art Club 

          The art club is designed to be a judgment-free environment for students who have tentative interests in art.  Over the course of the year, students will meet at lunch to develop their skills through short, guided lessons on basic aspects of drawing.  Projects may be undertaken if the students show interest.  The ideal outcome of the art club is to produce tangible pieces (from sketches to more finished products) that students can look back on and track any improvements.    
          While there will be light critique for constructive purposes, the club is intended to be an approachable environment for all involved.  Socialization will be encouraged, as shared interests can lead to an increased sense of investment in the club.   

          Meetings are announced via email and morning announcements.  Scheduled meetings take place in room 214 during the lunch period.  

    Further information is available upon request at casey.delia@riverdell.org