Science Technology Engineering and Math

    The STEM club aims to form a community that seeks to build leadership, self-confidence, and communication skill in the areas of math, science, and technology, through hands-on activity, scholarship, and peer support.  Our major focus is on the FTC Robotics Competition where the students design and build robots to compete in head-to-head competitions with other teams and their robots.


    The team members will meet 2-3 times a week afterschool until about 4:30, in the days leading up to a tournament, sometimes later.  Scrimmages and tournaments are on Saturdays and Sundays from October through February or March (check schedule for exact dates).  The schedule is tentative.  If an event is overfull we sometimes cannot get an invitation.  I will contact parents by e-mail about 1 week ahead of the event to inform them that we are going. 



    To register for the stem club fill out the form at this link.


    To help defray the cost of parts and transportation, I am asking that those students wishing to be a part of the STEM Club are required to pay a registration fee $25.  The registration fee also entitles the student to receive a team tee-shirt.


    Parent volunteers are needed throughout the year to help chaperone the bus to and from tournaments.  In particular, we are hosting the “Northern Meet Championship” on Sunday, February 9th.  Numerous volunteers will be needed to help at the registration desk, concession stand, and to help set up the tournament field.  I ask parents to please fill out the attached form and let me know your availability to help out.  Please send in the completed form with the fee.


    Tournaments are all day events.  Students are expected to provide their own lunch at these events.  Students can bring a bagged lunch and concessions are always available, so I recommend your student brings some money.  There is usually a $5 lunch special at these events, if so I will take orders and collect the money the morning of the event (exact change is appreciated).


    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me (e-mail is best):

    Dr. Edward Houston, Advisor

    e-mail:                                  edward.houston@riverdell.org