• The History Club meets every other Tuesday in room 907 at lunch, except on B days when Mr. OToole has lunch duty in the cafeteria.  (B day schedule is 4-1-2-8-5-6)


    Connections between current events and the past are made and discussed and students gain insights

    into and benefit from review and expansion of of material they are learning in history classes.   

    Club meetings are driven by student interest, and many of the students are also taking

    Advanced Placement United States history, so club can become an extended study, guided

    discussion session, where club members who took the course last year share their insights and

    best study methods with this year’s AP students.

    As regularly scheduled class time does not often permit the viewing of lengthy historical films,

    the history club will sometimes show historical themed films to supplement their curriculum and pique

    their interest (John Adams, The Sting, Roots, Letters from Iwo Jima are some historical films viewed

    and discussed in recent years).  The club will also discuss “This Day in History” events, and make

    connections between current events and history.  In past years, club members have taken field trips

    to historical sites, organized a clothing drive for a Native American tribe in South Dakota and explored local history.