• Dyslexia Bill: S-2442

    On Jan. 21, 2014  Gov. Chris Christie signed Bill S-2442, which requires that school districts screen children for dyslexia and other reading disabilities at an early age if they show signs of having a reading disability. 



    The law, went into effect in the 2014-2015 school year.  It requires school districts to screen children who have exhibited a potential indicator of dyslexia or other reading disabilities by the completion of the first semester in the second grade.  The screening would also be required for certain students who enroll in a school district without a record of being previously screened for dyslexia or other reading disabilities.  


    S-2440/ S-2441  was signed into law in August 2013.  This law requires the New Jersey Department of Education to provide professional development on reading disabilities to certain educators.




    S-2439/ A-3608   were also signed into law in August 2013.  These laws direct the NJ State Board of Education to incorporate the International Dyslexia Association's definition of dyslexia into special education regulations.





    H.R.3033 - Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act   President Obama signed into law a bipartisan measure that directs the National Science Foundation (NSF) to set aside at least $2.5 million in its annual budget for dyslexia research, with a focus on early identification of children and students, professional development for teachers and administrators, and curricula development and evidence-based educational tools.