• The IEP Referral Process:



     Step 1: Referral to the Child Study Team 


    Step 2: Eligibility Planning Meeting with the Child Study Team, teachers, parents, and persons with expertise/knowledge of student


    Step 3: Refer for Child Study Team Evaluation         or         Step 3: Eligibility Declined and process stops


    Step 4: Formal CST Evaluations


    Step 5: Eligibility Meeting to review the evaluations conducted


    Step 6: Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed         or         Step 6: Eligibility Declined and process stops


    Step 7: Recommend Special Education Program and/or Related Services


    Step 8: Annual Review IEP Meeting 



    If you feel that your child is having a learning or emotional difficulty impacting his/her academic progress and ability to learn contact the River Dell Regional School District Special Services Department at 201-599-7220.