• What is included in the Curriculum of CBI?

    There are four CBI domains:

    • Domestic – self-care & hygiene, wellness, nutrition & cooking, housekeeping, etc.
    • Vocational – career exploration, employability skills, instructions, rules, schedules, etc.
    • Community – transportation, libraries, shopping, post office, restaurants, etc.
    • Recreation & Leisure – crafts, games, parks, bowling, golfing, movies, etc.


    Academic, communication, and social skills are incorporated into CBI and may include the following:

    • Self- Advocating
    • Social Skills in a community
    • Balancing a checkbook
    • Writing a check
    • Doing laundry
    • Using the public library
    • Locating, carrying and/or purchasing items in stores
    • Utilizing public transportation (NJ Transit & NJ Access Link)
    • Attending community events
    • Ordering food in a restaurant
    • Identifying potential employers through site visits

    Trips to community locations occur concurrently with classroom instruction. Students may initially learn and practice a skill in the classroom; they will eventually practice the skill by applying it in a home or community setting.

    For example, a student who learns math budgeting and comparison shopping skills in the classroom may later practice those skills during a shopping CBI Lesson.