The following must be brought to class every day:

    • 3 ring Binder
    • Notebook
    • Pencils
    • Headphones
    • Calculator



    • Respect your teacher, your classmates, and your classroom.
    • By the time the bell rings, be in your seat with your book, notebook and homework out.
    • You are to be on task at all times.
    • Remain in your seats until the bell rings. I dismiss you, not the bell.
    • No eating or drinking in class (except water).
    • No cell phones. They must be out of sight.  If they are visible or used during class, they will be confiscated.
    • Ask questions!



    Your grade in this class will be determined by dividing the number of points you have earned by the totalnumber of points that could have been earned. Your grade will be based on:


    • Tests – generally between 70-110 points. Tests will be announced in class, giving you plenty of time to prepare. There are generally 2-3 tests per marking period to serve as a culmination of a large idea or chapter.


    • Quizzes – generally between 20-60 points. Quizzes will be announced and will cover less material than a test. The number of quizzes will vary each marking period depending on the number of small ideas per chapter.


      • Homework – generally 3 points each. Homework will be checked daily: 
        • 3 points- homework is done in an organized fashion, work is shown, correct HW, expectations met
        • 2 points-   homework does not meet criteria for organization, problems are missing, answers but no work
        • 1 point- homework is sloppy and disorganized, more than half the problems are missing, answers with no work
        • 0 points- homework has not been completed


      • Classwork/Preparedness – 40 points each quarter/ Rubric BasedWhat I am looking for:
        • HW and notebooks out when class starts
        • Consistently follows class rules
        • Fully corrected hw
        • Attend to instruction when teacher is in front of the class
        • Volunteer in class



    • Absences – It is your responsibility to make up any missing assignment(s) and to be prepared when you return to class. I expect you to check School Wires when you are absent to find out the homework assigned for that night. Contact a classmate who can provide notes when you are absent. It is your responsibility to see me for extra help to review the material you missed.


      • If you are absent on the day of an assessment, the assessment will be made up the first day back, even if our class does not meet. Again, it is your responsibility to find me to make up the assessment your first day back.


    • Cuts  If your absence becomes a cut, you will receive a zero for the cut class. All points earned that day on any assignment or assessment will be a zero.



    • You may not leave the classroom during the first and last ten minutes of class.
    • Do not ask to leave the classroom while I am teaching.
    • Only one person can leave the room at a time.
    • You must use the sign in/out book whenever you are late or leave and return to the classroom.



    I strongly urge you to ask for help the moment you experience difficulties with the material. I am available every day before school at 7:20 and after school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please be sure to let me know when you are coming for extra help. 



    I expect you to check School Wires and your e-mail every day for up-to-date assignments and important information. I check my e-mail account on a fairly regular basis. Please send e-mails at a reasonable time and only assume I have read an e-mail if I have responded.