Course Overview:
    The English 11 curriculum is designed to foster students' development of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. This year, we will be reading a variety of challenging texts that will solicit quality conversation and an exploration of the human experience. An emphasis will be on analytic, narrative, and persuasive writing--as well as the importance of cultivating students' voices. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore complex, challenging texts.

    Course Synopsis:

    English 11 challenges students to confront the psychological complexities of today's world and to analyze how authors use text to make sense of the human experience.  Students will evaluate and analyze how authors grapple with sociologically complex situations through various genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama. They will complete a synthesis essay, a personal narrative, a literary analysis, a research paper on challenging an assumption, and a college essay, as well as other formative assessments.

    Course Rationale:

    Text and other produced media are the ways in which humans assert identity, tackle confusing realities, and connect with each other. Students in this course will use and improve their reading and writing skills to understand more advanced texts with more complex and contradictory thematic material, as well as to organize and express their own thoughts on themes in which there is not only one right answer.

    Course Units:

    Unit 1:  Finding Light in the Darkness

    Unit 2:  Reimagining the Normal

    Unit 3:  Challenging Assumptions: Communities and Stigma

    Unit 4:  Emerging Identity