• Literary Magazine is where we foster creative connections!


    Literary Magazine is an after-school, bimonthly club for students who love the creative world of art and writing, and who want to broaden their knowledge and experience the excitement of publication.


    This club is for young artists and writers who would like to learn more about their individual, unique styles, enhance those styles, and present their work to the world. Literary magazine publishes poetry, short prose - fiction and nonfiction, visual art and photography. Through fun, interactive activities and peer editing workshops, the magazine's staff members will learn how to make their work more expressive and meaningful and continue to be inspired for future pieces. If you’re looking for help or inspiration in polishing that short story or poem, or if you want to make that sketch more powerful, or even if you want your hard work to reach an audience broader than your friends and family, Literary Magazine is the club for you!



    When? Every other Tuesday, 2:40pm – 3:30pm
     Where? MS Room 144, the Art Room