• Welcome to Interact
    What is Interact?

                Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about.

                 From <https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/learning-reference/learn-topic/interact

    Ms. Olga Sagalchik       olga.sagalchik@riverdell.org                                  Interact 2020-2021 Sign Up
    Ms. Allison Fontan        allison.fontan@riverdell.org 

    Co Presidents     Helen Yousaf and  Noelle Kee                      

    VP 1st                   Anushka Dhariwal                              

    VP 2nd                  Caroline McKee  

    Secretary              Faith Kim                   

    Senior Rep            Lilla Bush

    2020-2021 Events
    • Various opportunities that arise in the River Edge and Oradell communities
    2019-2020 Events 
    • Breast Cancer Fundraiser:   
    • Breast Cancer Walk:            (sign up- http://main.acsevents.org/goto/InteractClubRDHawks
    • Pumpking Unloading:        
    • Senior Citizen Prom:          
    • Various voluntering opportunities throught out the year 
    Date: at least once a month when needed
    Emails are sent out periodically with upcoming dates/events and when help is needed.