• What in the world is this thing called MAKERSPACE? Check out the slideshow above to get a glimpse into what we are up to in the makerspace.
    Making is fun. Making is challenging. Making is messy. Making is cool.
    RDMS students made everything from 3D printed vases with 3D Pen drawn flowers in them, to handcrafted wallets made from plastic laminate and duct tape, to electric circuits and computer coded robots.
    Visit the links at the bottom of this page to check out making in education. Then come visit the RDMS Library Makerspace to get your hands on making! See you in the Makerspace!
    Yes it is! RDMS Makerspace

    Library Club's first maker project - original Halloween art lit by electric circuits and LEDs!!! Watch this space for our upcoming all-school maker events:
    • Hour of Code
    • Make-Your-Own light-up holiday cards

    Paper Circuits

    paper circuits paper circuits paper circuits paper circuits


    Bergen Makerspace - makerspace extraordinaire at the Bergen County Technical Schools 
    Instructables - find a million maker projects here
    Super Awesome Sylvia's Maker Youtube Channel  - this kid maker has great videos on her projects