• Grading Policy:

    This class will assess students using total points - the total points a student earned divided by the total points it is possible to earn.  The following types of work will be assessed using this system:

    • Classwork & Homework
    • Assessments
    • Writing


    Help, Attendance, & Expectations: 

    Extra help is available by appointment after school.  Extra help is only appropriate when you have relevant questions pertaining to a lesson, task, or assessment.  Extra help or extra time must be requested in advance of an assessment or deadline; requesting extra help or extra time on the night prior or on the day an assignment is due is inappropriate and will not suffice as an excuse for late work or poor performance.

    Students are expected to attend class on time every day, prepared to be engaged and learn with the required materials. This course will require a willingness to learn actively, cooperate with others, work independently and quietly, and communicate with students and the teacher in a productive manner. 

    Lateness will not be tolerated in this class.  Barring extenuating circumstances, I will excuse the first tardy; after that, tardiness will result in a detention.  If you happen to be tardy during an activity or assessment, that activity or assessment cannot be made-up for credit.

    In the event of an absence, SchoolWires should be consulted and the next day, I should be approached for clarification and deadlines. I do not suggest that students consult a peer in the event of an absence unless it is the only option available, as peers should not be held responsible.

    I do not accept late class work or homework from students.  Class work can only be made-up when a student has been absent and a new deadline has been assigned. I do not accept late class work for any other circumstance. If an assignment due date is clearly communicated (more than 2 days in advance) and you miss the deadline, I will not accept the work late. In addition, late projects will drop one grade for every day that it is tardy.  If a student happens to be absent on the day of an assessment, a make-up version of the assessment will be given the day that student returns. Incomplete work will not receive credit.



    Plagiarism on any assignment is entirely unacceptable and will be subject to the consequences outlined in the student handbook on academic dishonesty. Plagiarism can be defined as “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.”