• Forms


    Transcript Request Form

    This form, to be submitted a minimum of 10 school days prior to application deadlines, must be submitted for each college a student plans to apply to.  It is the official request for student documents to be sent by the counselor.

    Parent Brag Sheet

    This is an optional (highly recommended) form to be completed by junior parents and given to the school counselor.  This will assist school counselors in their advisement and writing an evaluation letter for college applications. 

    Transcript Release Form

    This form provides RDHS with permission to send student transcript to colleges and scholarship committes, at the request of the student. Please note, counselors cannot send transcripts or any other student documents to colleges until this form is signed. 

    NCAA Transcript Release Form

    This form is required for all prospective D1 and D2 athletes and should be submitted to the school counselor following registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center. This should be submitted during a student's junior year, as the NCAA requires a copy of the final junior transcript.

    Teacher Recommendation Survey

    This is an optional form that students may elect to complete and provide to the teachers writing their college recommendations. Note: some teachers use their own form