• Class Expectations and Grading Policy

        1. All students are REQUIRED to have a 3” THREE RINGED BINDER, A CALCULATOR, PENCILS and ERASERS!!! These items should be for Conceptual Physics ONLY and should be left in the classroom.


        1. All students are expected to be on time for class, prepared and ready to participate. Student participation will be expected during class discussions, and when going over reading assignments each day.


        1. All students are required to have school issued laptop, charged and ready to be used EVERY day. All students will keep a notebook in OneNote on their computer.


        1. Students will have HOMEWORK two or three times per week. The assignments will be short and students will be given time to start the assignment in class.


        1. MINI-QUIZZES will be given once or twice per week and will directly correspond to the reading assignment from the previous day.


        1. QUIZZES will be given will be given at the end of each section.


        1. TESTS at the end of each Unit.


        1. LABS will be given once or twice per marking period.


        1. At least one MULTIMEDIA PROJECT will be assigned per semester. 


      1. Grading will be done by TOTAL POINTS.