The following must be brought to class every day:

    • Binder with paper
    • Pencils/Erasers
    • Calculator TI-83 PLUS or TI-84 PLUS
    • Charged Computer


    • Respect your teacher, your classmates, and your classroom.
    • By the time the bell rings, be in your seat with your notebook open.
    • You are to be on task at all times.
    • Remain in your seats until the bell rings. I dismiss you, not the bell.
    • No eating or drinking in class (except water).
    • No headphones, cell phones, or music devices are to be used at any time. They must be out of sight. If they are visible or used during class, they will be confiscated.


    Your grade in this class will be determined by the numerical value of what you earn each week.  Every week a check mark grade will be assigned based on what you have done during class.  At the end of the marking period, the numerical grade that you get will turn into a pass (>65) or fail (<64).












    You are expected to participate in class and have all of your class materials each day.


    • Absences – It is your responsibility to make up any missing assignment(s) and to be prepared when you return to class.  It is your responsibility to see me for extra help to review the material you missed.
    • Cuts – If your absence becomes a cut, you will receive a zero for the cut class. All points earned that day on any assignment or assessment will be a zero.


    • You may not leave the classroom during the first and last ten minutes of class.
    • Do not ask to leave the classroom while I am teaching.
    • Only one person can leave the room at a time.
    • You must use the sign in/out book whenever you are late or leave and return to the classroom.