• Week of November 20 Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.

    Monday -Wednesday  All Classes

    Stages of Adolescent Development



    Stages of Adolescent Developemt


       -Sexual Maturation


    Week of November 13  Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.

    Monday - Friday All Classes

      Stages of Adolescent Development  

        -Introduction to Adolescence

        -Physical Maturation


    Week of November 6  Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.

    Mon- Wed  Finish Adolescent Presentation in all Classes

    Thursday -Off

    Friday -Off


    Week of October  31 Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.

    Monday - Friday  Presentations of Projects in all classes.


    Week of October 24  Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1

    Week Theme - Looking at Adolescence 

    All Classes - Adolescent Project Reseach on Individual Topics


    Week of October 17 Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1

    Week Theme - Character 

    Monday   Period 2   Grit Test  Marking Period  1 Check In

                   Period 8   How do we measure character?


    We will be watching the Movie Coach Carter and exaimining Character and how character is measured as well as the external influences that help adolescents successfully navigate this stage of life.


    Week of October 10   Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1

    Monday      Period 2 - Adam   Period 8 Drop

    Tuesday      Period 2/8 Adam  

    Wednesday - Leanring Styles Inventory and Strategies

    Thursday    - Period 2 Drop   Period 8   Grit Test    Marking Period 1 Check In

    Friday   -    Field Day

    Week of  Ocotober 3

     Boundary Breaking     Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1

    Monday         Periods2/8 The Me No One Sees Presentations   

                                          Cyber bullying Survey for Freshman Workshops

    Tuesday        Period 2     The ME Presentations

                        Period 8     Drop

    Wednesday    Period 2/8 Affirmations

    Thursday       Period 8    What Makes Us Different      

                        Period 2     Drop

    Friday           Period 2/8  Movie    Understanding .....




     Week of September 5

     Boundary Breaking     Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1

     Tuesday           Professional Day

    Wednesday        Professional Day

     Thursday         Period 2    Course Syllabus a2 nd Expectations 
                                           Activity :  Introductions
                           Period 8    Drop
    Friday:             Period 2    Envelope Me  
                           Period 8      Course Syllabus and Expectations 
                                                     Activity :Introductions
    Week of September 12
    Boundary Breaking    Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1
    Monday       Period 2 Coat of Arms
                      Period 8 Envelope Me
    Tuesday      Period 2 Drop
                      Period 8 Coat of Arms
    Wednesday Period 2/Period 8 Picture My School
    Thursday    Period 2 / Picture My School
                      Period 8 Drop
    Friday        Period 2/ Introduction to the Me Project
                     Period 8  Picture my school
                                  Introduction to the Me Project
    Week of September 19
    Boundary Breaking    Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1
    Monday   Period  2 / Period 8  Pre-Test  Gender Essay
    Tuesday   Period 2  Coat of Arms Presentations
                   Period 8 Drop
    Wednesday  Period 2/Period 8 Pre-test  General Knowledge Test
    Thursday-  School Closed
    Friday -School Closed 
    Week of September 25
    Boundary Breaking    Health Standard 2.1 2.2.12B.1
    Monday      Period 2  Drop
                     Period 8   Coat of Arms Presentations
    Tuesday      Period 2/Period 8 The Me No One Sees Presentations
    Wednesday Period 2 The Me No One Sees Presentation
                      Period 8 Drop
    Thursday    Period 2/Period 8 The Me No One Sees Presentations
    Friday         Period 2 Drop
                      Period 8 The Me No One Sees Presentations