• River Dell Cyber Security Club 



    Chin Chiu (chin.chu@riverdell.org) 

    Donald Seok (donald.seok@riverdell.org)



    Michael Vasile '18 

    Greg Sarafian '18 



    The Cyber Security Club at River Dell Regional High School was established in the fall of 2015 to raise community awareness of the latest trends and engage students in learning the skills in cyber security. The club holds regular meetings and forms teams to participate in cyber security contests for high school students with guidance from mentors who are active in the cybersecurity arena. The club also sponsors student-led projects focused on cyber security.

    To further the goals of the Cyber Security Club at River Dell Regional High School, assistance is sought from interested parties outside of the school district. Donations of computing and networking hardware are greatly appreciated. The most important asset sought by the club is mentors from the cyber security industry who can inform club members about the latest trends in cyber security, help to prepare teams for cyber security contests, and guide student-led projects.



    The club strives to promote awareness of cyber security in the community, engage students in learning skills in cyber security, and create opportunities for students to pursue cyber security as their future career. Students will develop a greater appreciation of technology and cyber security, and how they might use that knowledge to impact the world around them in a positive manner. Students will cultivate important 21st Century skills that are crucial to their future success in planning, brainstorming, and creative problem-solving; research and technical skills; collaboration and teamwork; and appreciation of differences and respect for the ideas and contributions of others.


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