Finding your inner calm

Being a teen is stressful but you don't have to be!

  • Being a teenager is stressful! So much to do and so many expectations.  Most of us aren't even aware of the toll this can take on us physically and mentally. 

    How many times have you walked somewhere and didn't remember the journey?

    Haven you eaten something and not remember eating it and you want some more?

    Do you have conversations in you head with people and you get upset?

    Do you spend a lot of time anticipating what might or could happen?


    These thoughts may happen from time to time and that's natural.  When thoughts become more frquent or cause stress then it's time to develop a more productive strategy for dealing with uproductive thoughts.  That's where mindfulness comes in.  Mindfulness is a strategy to handle stress and stay present in the moment without judgement or expectation.   You can learn how to be mindful anywhere and anytime regardless of what you are doing.  

    Mindfulness is not an easy process. It will take some retraining to develop a heathier behaviors and lifestyle but well worth the effort.  The more stressed you are, the more practice and patience you will need.  Below are resources to help you get started.  You can always reach out to the Student Assistance Counselor, Dr. O'Neil, to help you on your way.