• Tutorial: Accessing Forms and Fees through CommunityPass


    1. Once logged into CommunityPass, click on the Browse Activities Button

    click on browse activities to begin form process.
    2. Verify your Account Information and click Continue.  
    Verify your primary contact and hit continue.
    3. Verify your E-mail Address and Preferences, then click Continue.
    Verify your E-mail Address and Preferences, then press Continue.
    4. Select Participants you want to pay the laptop fee and/or activities fee for by checking the box next to their name and then click Continue. If your child's name does not appear in this list, please email registerhelp@riverdell.org.

    Select Participants you would like to pay the fee for
    5. Verify your child's current school year and click Continue

    Verify Grade of each student
     6. Choose the appropriate program/forms for each child and then press Continue
    • If your child plans on playing a sport and/or participating in an activity, please select: 
      Student Forms 2019-2020 - Forms, Laptop Fee, AND Activity Fee.

    • If your child DOES NOT plan on playing a sport and/or participating in an activity, please select:
      Student Forms 2019-2020 - Forms + Laptop Fee - NO Participation in Sports of Activities. 
    Confirm which form you would like to complete
     7. Read each statement and confirm your form answer by selecting the appropriate button or checkbox, then click Continue
    Read and confirm your form answers

    Quick Tip:
    If you are registering more than one child and would like to provide the same answers for each child you are registering, select the Same as Above box under their name.
    If you want to answer the same way for additional children, check the "Same as Above" box.

    8. Confirm your registration total and method of payment and click Continue. Payment with Visa or Mastercard is preferrred. 

    Confirm registration screen will show your total and payment options.

    9. Lastly, fill out your credit card and billing information and click Complete Transaction.

    Fill out your credit card information and hot complete transaction to complete the payment