• Best Buddies

    Advisors: Ms. Altman and Ms. Meo

    2020-2021 Officers:

    • President of International Communication - Tristan Pastore
    • President of Events - Paige Riley
    • President of RD Communucation- Kaleigh Doris
    • Secretary of International Communication - Aidan McElroy
    • Secretaries of Events - Lizzy Krauthiem and Caroline Gamper
    • Secretary of RD Communication - Hayley Leopold

    About Best Buddies

    • Who: Best Buddies
    • What: Best Buddies promotes one-on-one friendships between students with intellectual/developmental disabilities and those without a disability.
    • When: As Announced 
    • Where: As Announced
    • Why: Best Buddies aims to break social barriers for teens, no matter their ability, to create opportunities for friendship.
    • How: Best Buddies establishes friendship, social and seasonal events intended to bring the community together.