Grading Policy and Class Expectations

  • Grading Policy:

    1. Tests, Writing & Projects  50%
    2. Quizzes  30%
    3. Classwork & Homework    20%

    Homework Policy:

    • Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date.
    • For students who are absent or face an unexpected emergency, appropriate extensions will be granted.

    Expectations for our Virtual Classroom:

    • Respect each other and me (as I will respect you)
    • Attendance: Be prompt. Make sure to join class using the Daily Class link. Video must be on.
    • Presentation: identify and work in a productive space. Be presentable – you’re on camera!
    • Participation: Stay focused – eliminate distractions during class.
    • Be appropriate: Teams chats and posts are monitored and cannot be deleted. Be sure that you are posting appropriately.
    • Be responsible: using Week-At-A-Glance, keep track of your assignments, and submit them on time.
    • Help: Ask questions during class. Post in the “Help” channel in Teams. Email me! I will be available 2:20-2:50 every day.

    Expectations for Teams Meetings:

    • Join: Use the daily class link in Teams to join. Make sure your camera is on and your microphone is muted.
    • Stay focused: eliminate distractions and be sure that you are following along in OneNote or other program. I may call on you to answer a question and you should be able to respond.
    • Participation: “Raise your hand” and when you are called on, unmute yourself. When you are finished, mute your microphone again. You can also ask questions in the chat.
    • Enjoy being home: Need to use the restroom? No need to ask! Want to have a snack during class? Sure!