• Expectations

    -Math Binder & OneNote notebook is expected to be organized and up-to-date.

    -Computers will be brought to class every day, fully charged. 

    -Please do not bring home the "one" worksheet for homework. *Use your notes as a guide!

    -Each student is expected to be responsible and cooperative during group work.

    -In the event of being absent, make arrangements to visit Schoolwires/OneNote for the daily Lesson and homework. If necessary, be sure to see me for clarification upon your return!




    Grading Policy

    Grades are calculated using a "total point" system.


    - Homework is checked for completeness versus accuracy.  Homework is given on a daily basis.  All work must be shown to be considered complete.  If a student has extreme difficulty completing homework, it is best that they email me and report for extra help the following morning.


    - Assessments (quiz length) will be given periodically and will be worth 25-50 points each.


    -Projects will be worth approximately 10-15 points.  (Class and Individual Projects)


    -To calculate your average, you find the sum of earned points and the sum of possible points.  Then divide your total earned points by total possible points.  Genesis performs this automatically.


    - No EXTRA CREDIT is available for 8th grade students.  There are plenty of extra opportunities to bring up your grade throughout the marking period...take advantage of them when they are offered!


    -IXL, Students will be required to complete skills from 2017 Summer Assignment, the current 8th grade course and any necessary skill as needed.




    - See your Student Handbook for rules and consequences.