Language and Composition Grading and Expectations
    1. Required Materials. You will bring the following materials to class each day:
      1. pencil or pen  
      2. folder (any folder will do)
      3. homework (if applicable)
      4. fully charged laptop


    1. Promptness. You are expected to be inside the classroom and seated when the bell rings. If you are not through the door when the bell rings, you will be marked late. If you have a pass, please place it on my desk. Passing time between classes is 5 minutes. That leaves you with ample time to get to class! Please understand that the school's policy for lateness is as follows: 1st Offense-detention; 2nd offense- detention and parent is contacted; 3rd offense-student is referred to administration.
    1. Classroom Behavior. Your responsibilities in this class are:
      1. to try your best
      2. to turn in assignments when they are due
      3. to use your time wisely and follow directions
      4. to be actively involved as a member of a group
      5. to have a positive attitude
      6. to pay attention, listen, and not be disruptive; and
      7. to be on time and be prepared for class



    Grading System:


    Students will be graded based on Total Points. Generally, the point values for the each assignment generally fall within the following point ranges:



    Students will receive rubrics for written assignments and projects.