• Grading Policy

    This course will operate on a total points system. Students are responsible for assignments in the following categories:

    • Writing Assignments
    • Assessments
    • Practice Activities

    Required Materials

    • River Dell-issued laptop
    • Binder or folder
    • Pens and No. 2 pencils; highlighters
    • Post-it Notes

    Rules & Expectations

    • Preparation is integral to success in this, and any course. This will require students to come to class prepared with a charged laptop in addition to the appropriate reading, class work, homework, and texts assigned.  Failure to be prepared will inhibit a student from participating in daily and/or weekly lessons, and as a result, will adversely affect the student’s average.
    • Laptops are to be kept on stand-by or powered off and in the student's backpack unless otherwise instructed.  Students who are using the laptop for anything other than academic use will receive a warning the first time, lose laptop privileges for the day on the second offense, and have the laptop confiscated on the third offense.  Third offenses will be reported to the principal’s office and parents/guardians.
    • If work is lost, damaged, or corrupted on the laptop, and no back-up copies of the file(s) have been made, the student will receive an automatic zero. In the event that a laptop is damaged or out of service and a loaner is not available, the student will be accommodated, but all work must still be completed by the due date.  Technological issues will not be accepted as excuses, and no student will receive the opportunity to make up the work as a result.  It is absolutely essential that all students back up files using email, OneNote, or a USB flash drive to prevent this from occurring.


    Students are expected to be in class every day, for the duration of the period.  Students are expected to complete all assigned reading, writing, and group work in a meaningful fashion, and turn all work in completed and on time.  Students who miss class must check Schoolwires for the missed class work and homework.  Email must also be used to check for reminders and to communicate with the teacher.  All students are accountable for emailing previously assigned work due the day of the absence.  24 hours will be given to make up missed class work.  If a test or quiz was missed, the student must be prepared to take that assessment on the day of return.

    Classroom Environment

           Students are expected to do their best and to behave in a manner that is respectful of their classmates, their teacher, the work we are doing and themselves.  Being respectful includes:

    • Raising your hand when you wish to speak
    • Asking before you move about the room.
    • Not eating in class.
    • Not using cell phones in class. If I see them or hear them, I take them.  Phones can be retrieved later from Mr. Principe.
    • Entering this room without wearing earbuds. If it is ever appropriate to use them, I will say so.
    • Keeping your laptop in your backpack until I ask you to take it out and open it.
    • Using language and behavior appropriate for school.
    • Keeping your hands to yourself and off of other people’s property.
    • Avoiding disruptions
    • Any other necessary guidelines will be created as needed.