• School To Work is a Full Year Career Experience for Seniors. Linked directly with a career education course which meets once a day Monday-Wednesday with meeting days on Thursday.  This 15 credit course is a terrific way to begin setting long and short term career goals.  Employment opportunities range from office settings, customer service, retail, business, medical & sales.  Each student is responsible to keep employment September-June 25 hours a week on the books.  Students are also responsible for maintaining passing grades in the related career course.  Attendance is mandatory.

    Future school to work students apply the end of their junior year immediately after their junior conferences. 


    After the application process, each student is interviewed.  During the interview process I begin developing a portfolio for the students.  School to Work requires all parents and students complete the contract/agreement forms before enrolling into the course.  In addition, all students must adhere to all program requirements. 


    Note Seniors must be graduation ready.  Which means they are on track to graduate.