• Inters are graded on teh following areas.  

    I agree to follow the conditions of the unpaid, school-sponsored structured learning experience (SLE) listed below:

    (1) I will maintain regular attendance both in school and at the SLE site. I will notify the school and the appropriate employer/agency contact person if I will be tardy arriving to or if I am unable to report to my SLE site. (2) I will keep a daily record of my time and activities at my SLE site, and I will submit my completed SLE reports as required. (3) I will demonstrate honesty, punctuality, courtesy, cooperative attitude, proper health and grooming habits, appropriate dress and a willingness to learn. (4) I will obey the rules and regulations of my SLE site and comply with the business/agency’s business practices and procedures. (5) I will talk to my SLE teacher supervisor and/or my workplace mentor about any difficulties arising during the structured learning experience. (6) I will work to acquire the knowledge and skills as outlined in my SLE student training plan.* (7) I will furnish my SLE teacher supervisor with all necessary information pertaining to my unpaid SLE, including all SLErelated assignments and reports. I understand that my SLE grade or credit will be based upon the satisfactory completion of my SLE assignments, time and activity reports, and evaluations.