• Grading policy:

    Homework/class work/class participation is 20% of your grade. Make sure to come prepared on the days you have class. If you follow the class rules, participate and complete all homework, you will earn an A in this category.

    Quizzes/tests/projects are 80% of your grade. Quizzes will be given weekly and Chapter tests will given approximately every four weeks or once the unit is completed. Projects will be assigned every marking period.

     Classroom Expectations


    • No passes will be issued for the first and last ten minutes of the period. Make sure you arrive with your materials (Charged tablet, a pen/pencil and a three-ring binder). 
    • Homework (20% of your grade) may be assigned every night and it is due the following day. No homework equals zero. Three missed homework assignments equals a phone call home. Class participation in class is a MUST and that includes class activities (Not all your class work/HW may be graded, keep in mind that you MUST do all the work).
    • Tests and quizzes (80% of your grade) are given regularly. If two or more tests are failed or quizzes together are failed, an e-mail is send home. It is your responsibility to seek me if you don’t understand the material that is given in class. Extra help is available during C & D’ s days (please make an appointment via e-mail).
    • This is a Spanish class and you should try at least to speak Spanish when you are asked for. Giggling, funny noises and laughing will not be tolerated for any circumstances when students are participating in class. We’re here to learn Spanish and we’re here to learn from each other. Accent is accepted, and no one shouldn't make fun of it
    • During class you must stay in your seat in all times, if you need to leave the classroom to go somewhere besides using the restrooms, please ask me first by coming to me or raising your hand (Only one student at a time would be permitted to leave the room).
    • There is absolutely no food consumption in the classroom, except for water. 
    • The use of cellular phone and other devices that are not acceptable in school are prohibited in my class. If you disobey or if I caught you texting during class, your device will be confiscated.  
    • As your Spanish teacher, I will not tolerate any type of misbehavior in my class. The vice principal will be informed about the situation as well as your parents/guardians.
    • Most importantly, have respect for yourself and others.