Course Description

     The Transition curriculum assists students to successfully move from the school setting into the adult world.  Students will develop skills to strive toward independence in pursuit of their desired post-secondary goals. This will encourage students to identify strengths, interests and preferences to develop individual career plans. Effective communication and collaboration skills are necessary to interact with the community and at the workplace. Financial literacy and responsibility at home is a necessity for independent success in the broader community. Community-Based Instruction (CBI) is the involvement of additional members of the community such as businesses, teachers, and local establishments. CBI programs are hands-on and are implemented during guest presentations, volunteer and work opportunities, outings to community locations and travel training


    Several textbooks, workbooks, websites, and other resources will be utilized to facilitate learning: Independent Skills for Living, Succeeding in the World of Work, Social Skills, and many more.  In addition, a variety of supplemental videos, interactive games, career websites, and teacher-made materials will enable students to access the curriculum.



    Students are required to possess a one-inch binder which can be kept in the classroom. A homework folder and an assignment book is also required to keep track of homework, projects, and tests.

    Class Routine

    Students discuss, take notes and are provided guided practice. Afterward, students work independently or in collaborative groups to solve problems and complete classwork. Answers are reviewed together. An assessment of each concept is given as a project or objective quiz at the culmination of each unit.


    Concepts Explored


    Unit One: Career Awareness 

    Unit Two: Citizenship 

    Unit Three: Communication 

    Unit Four: Financial Responsibilities 

    Unit Five: Health and Well-Being 

    Unit Six: Technology



    Class Rules

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be prepared.
    3. Raise your hand.
    4. Sign out when leaving class room.
    5. Participate during class.
    6. Follow instructions.
    7. Show respect for others.

    In addition, I expect all students to listen attentively, complete all assignments to the best of their ability, seek help when needed and demonstrate an eagerness to learn.


    Students will be graded based on class work, homework, quizzes, and projects. Points will be given in the following categories:


    Class work:                       10

    Quizzes:                            20

    Projects:                           50


    Partial credit will be given for incomplete or late work. Students are welcome to retake any quiz and encouraged to come for extra help at lunch or after school in room 600. Students can complete assessments more than once, as needed.


    Please email me when you have a question or concern. I will do my best to address your concern as soon as possible. Refer to Genesis to monitor grades, read my School Wires/ One Note Week at a Glance page to see what your child is leaning about, and check your child’s assignment book for homework completion. Please encourage your child to do his/her best. If they are experiencing difficulty, they should let me know and I will provide additional time and individual instruction.