You will be graded using a TOTAL POINTS system.  This means that everything will be awarded an amount of points (5 points for something small...100 points for something larger...etc.). 

    At the end of the marking period, Genesis calculates the total points you received and the total points you could have received, divides, and your grade appears!

    These are the categories under which your grades will fall: 

    • Practice
    • Assessments
    • Writing


    Practice work can include discussions, group work, comprehension questions, etc. These tasks will be graded using a simple 4 point rubric:

    Practice Work

    1 point = limited, lowest quality, poor, beginning, unsatisfactory, not there yet, little evidence, needs improvement.

    2 points = some, basic, emerging, some evidence, fair, capable, satisfactory.

    3 points = accomplished, developing, proficient, constant evidence, very good, considerable.

    4 points = Exemplary, high degree, strong, advanced, displays evidence beyond, best quality, excellent, exceeds.

    ***Please note, not everything can be viewed this clear cut. If something is in between a “3” and a “4” …a decimal may be applied.


    Assessments can include quizzes, tests, and any culminating, end of unit activity.


    Writing can include large, end of marking period essays, as well as, smaller in class tasks (paragraph).