•  8th Grade Health Syllabus



    Grade Break Down

    Projects =60%

    Tasks = 30%

    Class Conduct: 10%


    What is expected:


    1. You are expected to have appropriate classroom behavior while in class.  
    2.  Be prepared for class each day. 
    3. Actively engaged in class discussions and lessons
    4. It is important that you comprehend and retain the information taught in class Take appropriate notes when necessary to help retain informationIf you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to read through the notes. 
    5. Complete all tasks and projects. 
    6. You are responsible for any missed work. Please email me or come see me during my school office hours if you have any questions or need extra help.
    7. Late work will be accepted up to 1 day late (loss of a grade for each day late).
    8. Preserve a positive learning environment
    9. Put forth your best effort at all times
    10. **Respect yourself, the teacher & others**



    Mental Health / Illnesses

    Medicine and Illegal Drugs

    Human Sexuality