• shill
    Ms. Kelli Shill,  BS, MA, MA
    Business Edu. Instructor,
    River Dell Regional HS

    Welcome to the Business Education Department at River Dell Regional High School!

    This is my 18th year teaching at River Dell, and am beginning my 23nd year as a public school teacher in NJ. 

    This past summer, I attended several Professional Development courses through NGPF.org and became certified in teaching the following Personal Financial Literacy topics: 

    1. Taxes,

    2. Credit,

    3. Paying for College,

    4. Banking & Budgeting, and

    5. Investing. 

    Each course was an intensive 9 hours of course time plus a very rigorous 1-hour exam!

     In order to be truly ready for virtual instruction this Fall 2020 and to enrich my courses, I took Professional Development on the following topics:

    1. Fin-Tech Apps.

    2. Psychology of On-line Learning (application)

    3. Psychology of On-Line Learning (theory)

    4. Brush Up On: Federal Student Loans & Repayment

    5. Brush Up On: The FAFSA

    6. Teaching Students to Open Custodial (Kiddie) Roth IRAs7. Using Google Classroom + NGPF (Beginner)

    8. Brush up On: Soft Skills9. Trends in Personal Finance

    10. [Investing] Target Date Funds

    11. Brush up On: Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters

    12. Personal Finance in Age of Pandemic

    13. Personal Finance in Age of Pandemic (Part 2)

    14. [Virtual Conference] Behavioral Factors in Investing

    15. Virtual Conference] Teaching Remotely: Transitioning to Online Learning

    16. [Differentiation] Teaching Current Events


    I have two daughters, Sarah, who is a Sophomore at Rutgers School of Engineering, Honors Academy; and Lauren who is a Senior at PVHS. In addition, our family pet, Lola, whom I also adore.  

    I  am very excited to continue my tenure at RD. I look forward to another terrific year! 

    Please feel free to email me at kelli.shill@riverdell.org, any time with questions or comments.

    I am also available for Office HOurs, daily, from 2:20-2:50pm, Monday through Friday. 

    I look forward to another exciting year at River Dell! 



     Ms. Shill