• Health Literacy, as defined by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, is defined as “an integral component of 21st century education. Healthy students are learners who are ‘knowledgeable, productive, and emotionally and physically healthy, motivated, civically engaged, prepared for work, economically self-sufficient, and ready for the world beyond their own borders.’” This standard reflects our Mission Statement.

    The Peer Leadership Curriculum promotes and encourages positive attitudes related to the issues of school climate, 21st century learning, independent thinking, decision making, and community service. The Freshman class learn about the importance of building a positive school environment, the impact of their digital footprint, and character building through planned activities and community service.

    The Peer Leadership Curriculum is designed to make an impact on first year high school students. Implemented by junior and senior peer leaders the curriculum will focus on creating positive attitudes toward school life and providing realistic perceptions of our ever-changing digital world.

    Students will be randomly assigned to a peer group that meets every Thursday at lunch from September to May. Led by three peer leaders, each group will have the opportunity to meet classmates outside of their friend group or team/club experience. A sense of team building while addressing the stresses and challenges of high school life is the goal of each group.

    Finally, freshmen students will benefit from experiences outside the classroom as each group will participate in a service project within the Oradell and River Edge communities or address an unforeseen state or national need, which will solidify membership in our River Dell community and/or our community at large.