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    Grades 9-12 



    This course gives students a solid foundation of the business world. We first learn about what the primary functions of a business are, the effects of globalization, and the importance of effectiveness and efficiency.


    Then students will be taught a strong understanding of the US's Economic Philosophy and Government Structure and how ours compares with various other country's Government Structures and Economic Philosophies. Students then learn the tools the Federal Reserve Bank uses to strengthen our economy. A current economic look of our country is discussed.



    Finally, students learn about the different types of businesses, including proprietorships, partnerships, and various forms of corporations.



    Working in groups of two, students will be required to write a Business Plan to open a Partnership, create a PowerPoint of their Partnership, and present it to the class.



    50% - Tests

    40% - Projects

    10% - Quizzes, Review Exercises, Reading w/Questions


    Late Policy 


    1st Offense: Teacher Assigned Detention 

    2nd Offense: Teacher Assigned Detention & parent contact 

    3rd Offense & thereafter: referred to an administrator 




    If you cut class, you may not make up work missed on the day of the cut. You will receive a 0 for class work that day. 




    If you are absent, work must be submitted on the day you return. If you are absent for several days, work must be made up within a week. 


    Class Expectations & Rules 

    • We will respect each other as well as all classroom equipment. 

    • Be on time. No late work will be accepted. 

    • Explicit language will not be tolerated in the classroom or in your projects. 

    • Our classroom will be a safe place for all. That includes what is used and said in every project. 


    Students are expected to uphold all Code of Conduct rules as adopted in the River Dell High School Student Handbook


    Assessments & Assignments

     Please see Genesis for a complete listing of all Assessments, Assignments, and Homework.

     Below is a listing of the assignments and assessments that will be given in Business Mgmt.


    Business Management

    • 5 to 6 unit tests

    • 12 to 14 assignments/QUIZZES

    • 2 to 3 projects