• Junior MBA Honors___________ mba

    Requirements to Graduate with Jr MBA Honors  

    Grades 9-12

    12.5 credits - (2.5 X 5 one-semester courses)

    • 5 one-semester courses

    • Mentoring/Internship/Work Experience

    • Culminating Portfolio


    The Junior MBA program is a unique, hands-on opportunity for River Dell students to specialize in business by taking five business courses in the Business Education Department.
    Executives in Fortune 500 companies, college admissions counselors, graduate students in international business and professionals in the field of law, retailing, and management consulting have all expressed their enthusiastic support and endorsement of this concept.
    In addition to very specialized content in the fields of economics, management, marketing, accounting and law, the central focus of the curriculum is the development of thinking, writing, presentation, soft skills, and teambuilding skills.
    Earn a Certificate, work with a corporate or professional mentor, prepare a comprehensive business and marketing plan for an international venture, and meet corporate executives and professionals who will help you understand how they keep their companies globally competitive.


    1. Business Management
    2. Marketing
    3. Accounting
    4. Money Management
    5. Honor's International Business

    All Business Courses Count Towards the JR MBA Requirements Above is "Suggested."


    1. SUPA Accounting, ACC151 is a Full Year Course and Counts as 2 Classes Towards the JR MBA.

    2. SUPA Personal Finance (1/2 year course, counts as 1 class towards your JR MBA) 

    3. Law (whether or not it is taught by the SS Dept. or Business Dept.)

    4. Constitutional Law (taught by SS Dept.)

    5. SUPA Sports Management (taught by SS Dept.)

    6. Personal Financial Management

    7. SUPA Economic Ideas & Issues (ECON 203)

    8. Hospitality & Tourism (new course offered to begin this Fall 2020)




    • Students are required to create a culminating portfolio near the completion of their senior year.
      • The portfolio must demonstrate the knowledge acquired from each of the five business courses taken.
    •  Sections of the portfolio should include a PROJECT saved from each Business class, in addition to the Honors International Business project (if Honors Intl. Business was chosen as an elective).

    Internship/Work Experience Requirements:

    In a Word document compile the following information:

    1. The Name of Company, Supervisor’s Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.
      1. The position does not have to be through RD’s Internship Program, but it can be.
      2. The work position may be a paid part-time job, summer job, and/or internship.
    2. A written description of the mentoring experience, internship experience, or paid work position.
    3. Total Hours Worked, Including Dates of hire, how many hours worked per week, how many weeks worked.
    4. What “Soft-Skills” you learned during this experience.


     If you do not have work from your Business Courses, you need to write a short essay with the following:

    a.       Course Name

    b.      Projects/Info. that Were Most Useful and Educational to You

    c.       What you liked about the course


    How do I Drop Box My Jr. MBA Portfolio?
    • On Your Laptop's Desktop, Create a FOLDER with "Your NAME JR MBA" on it. Gather all of your assignments/projects from each class and place it into this folder. 
    1. You will then need to compress your JR MBA Portfolio/Folder with the files (projects and/or essays) in it as follows:
          1. Right-Click the folder
          2. Select "Send To"
          3. Select "Compressed Zip Folder"
          4. This will create an additional folder that you can now drop into my W/Shared Dropbox!


    See email me at kelli.shill@riverdell.org with any questions!
    Best - Mrs. Shill