1. Every morning the students will sign in our class by going to their Spanish class in Teams and using the link provided.

    2. As per the Administrators’ request, students must keep their CAMERA ON AT ALL TIMES during class. The teacher is required to see the students face all the time, unless she assigns a short class activity that requires them to step away from their desk. If the student disconnects the camera (although he/she remains connected in Teams), the student will be marked absent. If a student joins the class late, he/she will be marked late as well.  Please raise your hand if you need to be excused to go to the restroom. Only one student is allowed to leave the class at a time, just like in the actual classroom. 

    3. Administrators STRONGLY RECOMMENDED students NOT to wear their pajamas during class time nor take class while seating or laying down on their bed. We suggest they sit or stand by a desk or a table, in a quiet and well-lit area. We strongly suggest students get ready before class as if they were going to school in person.  Also NO CELL PHONE  or any other distraction should be near the students while learning. 

    4. While taking an online assessment, students are expected to maintain the same level of integrity and honesty as in the classroom. If a student does not follow the teacher’s directions and the school’s guidelines regarding plagiarism or dishonesty while completing tests/ quizzes/ projects/ homework/ graded class activities, the parents and administrators will be notified, and appropriate action will be taken.



    • Communicate in the Spanish language
    • Explore Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures
    • Identify cultural and linguistic comparisons with our own. 
    • Make connections with other school subjects
    • Experience and use Spanish in our community

     SPANISH 3 COURSE DESCRIPTION:   Spanish 3 HONORS is a course for students who desire to continue growing in their proficiency of the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture, and who eventually would like to take the Spanish AP exam. In this course, students will build on the first two years of study and expand their ability to understand and express themselves in spoken and written language. They will read information about current events at the intermediate level and be expected to discuss their point of view in the target language. They will develop the ability to handle intermediate level communicative tasks related to practical social situations. On a daily basis, students are expected to speak in Spanish in class. The class will be conducted 100 %  in Spanish; English will be used only to explain difficult concepts.

    Descubre 2 – online textbook

    -1” binder OR a notebook with a folder OR 1 large binder for all your classes with a section for Spanish.
    -Pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, stick notes, and headphones with a microphone
    -Word Reference App or www.wordreference.com (Bilingual dictionary)
    -The DRAE App (Monolingual dictionary)


    Students will be evaluated regularly to measure their progress. They will receive tests, quizzes, and projects to demonstrate their proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I will use the Total Points system like the rest of the World Languages department. Each assessment will be worth a certain amount of points, depending on the level of difficulty. PLEASE CHECK "Week At A Glance" EVERY WEEK FOR UPCOMING ASSESSMENTS!

    HOMEWORK:  Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. It is important for you to complete it so you can review the vocabulary and grammar learned in class and be better prepared to participate the following day. PLEASE CHECK WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE DAILY! 5 POINTS will be deducted from each homework or project everyday your homework is late.

    CLASSWORK:    Students are expected to sit down as soon as they enter the room, get to work right away, and stay on task until the bell rings. Classwork will be collected and graded from time to time. Students are expected to always make their best effort and complete their work on the allotted time.


    1.Please sit down immediately.
    2. Please start your work right away.
    3. Please remain in your seats.
    4. Please don’t disrupt the learning of others
        with your side conversations.  
    5. Please keep your phone or other device in your bag,
        unless the teacher asks you to take it out.
    6. Please come prepared to class. (Bring all your
        supplies, including your CHARGED LAPTOP!)
    7. Please be kind and respectful with everyone.   

    ABSENCES: Homework and assessments will be posted on ONE NOTE.  You have
    1 day per day absent to make up any homework or assessment. The grace period begins once you have returned to school. If you miss an assessment, you have to make it up within the week it was given. No make ups will be given beyond a week period (7 days).  Please make sure you approach me to set up a time for the make up test or quiz. A 0 will appear on Genesis until the assignment has been completed.

    FOOD/DRINKS:  Only water is allowed in class. No drinks, gum, or snacks are allowed unless you have a medical condition.

    BATHROOM/WATER BREAKS: To reduce class disruption, bathroom passes need to be kept to a minimum. Only ONE PASS is given out at a time. Student must sign in and out after asking the teacher for permission. Passes are not given out during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

    EXTRA HELP: Please see me after class or e-mail me if you need help extra help or anything else. Students, please DO NOT E-MAIL ME to ask me about your test or quiz results. If you’re concerned about a grade or anything else, let’s meet to go over it in person. Thank you!