• Course Expectations


     All Language and Composition classes will assess students using total points, in the following areas of performance:  

    • Assessments 
    • Writing
    • Practice


    • River Dell-issued fully charged laptop (must be functioning)
    • Three ringed binder
    • Notebook or loose-leaf paper
    • Pen, pencils
    • Current materials (handouts, books etc.)

    Class Expectations

    • Be respectful.
    • Keep your cellphone in your backpack.
    • Use your laptop appropriately and for class purposes.

    Work Submission

    • Please turn in all work ON TIME. I will not accept late class work or homework from students.  
    • Class work can only be made-up when a student has been absent, and a new deadline has been assigned.
    • If a student happens to be absent on the day of an assessment, a make-up version of the assessment will be given the day that student returns. Incomplete work will not receive credit.
    • In the event of an absence, consult SchoolWires and reach out to me.


    Plagiarism Policy

    Please see the links below.