• COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course has the same curriculum as the Geometry course; however, the depth of understanding and level of expectation are more advanced. This course focuses on Euclidean geometry, studied both with and without coordinates. The course involves working with congruence, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, geometry of circles, analytic geometry in the coordinate plane, and geometric measurement and modeling. The Standards for Mathematical Practice apply throughout the Geometry course and, when connected meaningfully with the content standards, allow for students to experience mathematics as a coherent, useful and logical subject.

    Graphing calculator required. Students in this course will take the NJSLA test.

    Textbook: Big Ideas Math

    IXL Login: IXL

    The IXL software is an additional resource for students to practice geometry skills independently.  At times, particular sections will be assigned for classwork or homework, and students will be expected to achieve a specific "smart score."  At other times, optional sections will be listed on Schoolwires for independent practice but will not be graded. 

    NJSLA Resources for Students: https://www.riverdell.org/Page/10199