• COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Math Lab Geometry course is a mathematics class for those students in need of remediation and/or extra assistance. The year-long course receives 5 credits toward graduation, but does not count toward the 3-year math requirement. Students in a Math Lab Geometry course are also scheduled for a Geometry course. 

    Grading for this course is Pass/Fail.

    Textbook: Big Ideas Math

    IXL Login: IXL

    The IXL software is an additional resource for students to practice geometry skills independently.  At times, particular sections will be assigned for classwork or homework, and students will be expected to achieve a specific "smart score."  At other times, optional sections will be listed on Schoolwires for independent practice but will not be graded. 

    NJSLA Resources for Students: https://www.riverdell.org/Page/10199