• Class Expectations


    You are expected to be in the classroom before the bell rings. Arriving after the bell will require you to sign into the log book; this applies to students with or without a note. Frequent tardiness will have a negative impact on your grade.


    Classroom Conduct:

    Every member of the classroom (including Mr. D'Elia) is expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. This means:

    • allowing other members of the class to participate in discussions by not speaking over them
    • using laptops only when directed
    • observing the HIB contract and creating an environment of respect
    • refraining from eating or drinking in class (exceptions will be made for water)
    • Your phone should be kept in your bag during class.  If your phone is out during the class period, it will be confiscated.


    Classwork and Assignments:

    As a member of this class, you are expected to keep on top of assignments by checking this site and speaking with Mr. D'Elia. The site will be updated regularly, and will contain the necessary materials whenever possible.


    Late work will be accepted with partial credit; it is in your best interest to submit it as close to the due date as possible. Classwork and homework represent a portion of your overall grade. In the case of a family emergency/sickness/etc,please email me; exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.